Legion Fishing: In a Frenzy

“Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish.”
Steven Wright

Legion Fishing: In a Frenzy

The more one looks at the Fishing profession, the more one sees all the fun flavor packed into a boring profession. Some players can not bear the weight of that boredom, others embrace it like Atlas reeling at his favorite fishing hole.

I was standing on a rock in Val’Sharah with an Arcane Lure and casting away. I caught some old fish bones and tossed them aside, ew. A cat walks up, eats the bones and casts a buff on me called The Cat’s Meow. Suddenly I can catch rares and be amused at this little scene on my rock.

The fishing artifact is pretty fun. While fishing, one fades into the background, reducing the aggro footprint by five yards. Surface Tension will let you walk on water but not mount but yes stag form. Turning into a fish underwater with 150% swim speed and breathing is great for exploring the oceans — there is a lot down there like sunken cities.

Filling out the traits is pretty easy. Probably the most productive is in Stormheim using the Ancient Vrykul Ring to see the Oodelfjisk fishing pools; fairly non-stop Artifact Power. But I like around Irongrove Retreat in Suramar to catch also some Ancient Mana.

Dalaran Island is a popular fishing hole. Joining a raid team can mean endless sparkles and lots of Drowning Mana for rep, toys or Arcane Lures. That is a lot of fishing flavor!

I’ve not tried transmogging my Artifact yet, it is still new and novel. Still, I have a Jeweled Fishing Rod in my bank that might look pretty sweet and … Salty.

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