Raiding: a Collective Step-Back

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
Elie Wiesel

Legion Raiding: A Collective Step Back

This last Sunday, my raid team took a collective step-back and refused to try the last boss on Trial of Valor … on Normal.

I’ve been with this team since SoO and that simply doesn’t happen. We take on challenges to win or go back and gear up some more so we can beat those challenges.

“I hate this raid.”

“How can we have Heroic EN on farm and not beat this on Normal?”

“When the next raid comes out, this will be the one no one ever comes back to.”

“We out-gear this place, the rewards are not worth it.”

“Did they fix it yet so the melee can actually reach the tentacles?”

I’ve never seen it before. We downed the first two bosses with ease and looked at the third and quit. We bailed. Players went to run … mythics. Darned depressing on so many levels.

The next day, on Monday, Blizzard announced a huge nerf to take place today, Tuesday, on the Reset.

I understand the why: we have nothing else to do except this raid until Jan. 17th, a month away — so they tuned it to be hard. Too hard, it turns out. Sure, some teams cleared it — but the real question is: how many gave up and refused to try any more?

This isn’t a late-in-the-expansion nerf to let the weaker raid teams experience the bosses and win. This is an “adjustment” because players are quitting on WoW. I hope it works. I’ll say it again: players are giving up on raiding!

I hope it is not too late. I wonder if our raid team will even bother; once burned, twice shy — eff ’em, we’ll go do mythics.

One thought on “Raiding: a Collective Step-Back

  1. Our raid team is clearing Heroic EN in an evening. The do have full Normal ToV. I see on nights they run, bosses 1 and 2 are down in minutes. Then it starts, wipe at 50%, wipe at 46%, 40%. Etc. they were talking about benching the lowest DPS just to get the first two on Heroic. And maybe that was the design. Similar to HFC. The lower levels you did, then when you got stuck above you went back on Heroic.

    But I do think people are getting tired of Raiding being end game. They are looking at doing Mythic +10 as more challenging.

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