Druid Healing Numbers

“You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations.”
Stevie Wonder

Druid Healing Numbers

I was reading Z is for Zeirah this morning, as I usually do most mornings. A very upbeat post called 2 new progression bosses, I’ll take that as a Christmas present! describes the further adventures of a well-played Druid.

Her last two paragraphs cover some discontent with her own performance as well as the class itself and it’s inherent short-comings.

Which led me to re-evaluate my own performance, of course! I also pore over Logs and run talent sims on AMR and use recount to compare myself with the other healers in the team: Resto-Shammy and Holy Pally.

Here are my thoughts, help me out if you can.


  • There is no way to tell if another player has the 35th (or 36, 37, 38…) Artifact trait which boosts healing by a percentage. Not on the Armory or in the Logs; if I was a True Detective I might look on AMR, that might tell me. That first 5% boost is huge and hidden.
  • Relics Matter.
    If I had the two Life Relics that boost Efflorescence by 5% and the one with a 10% boost to Swiftmend, my numbers would be stronger. As it is, I have a 2% Mana Regen relic and something that helps Ironbark (yikes).
  • Fights Matter.
    Spring Blossoms is a HoT (I so believe) and stacking fights will favor our healing numbers. Xavius is almost all stacking and I can “top the charts” if I get Sleep first and know my mana bar will re-fill — it’s just roll the dice, baby. The melee stack on Phase One of the first boss in ToV also makes me look pretty. Heavy movement like the Eye fight won’t make me look like the darling of the healing set.
  • Icy Veins says Haste, AMR says Crit.
    My guild master says that sometimes you just have to experiment on your own, swap around the things you can control and see what happens.
  • Be Fair To Yourself.
    Some fights (especially the opening 15 seconds) don’t need heals at all. I spam Moonfire and Wrath on the Dragon fight for the whole first half of the fight if not all. Plus, players take much less damage when they know the dance.
  • Only Look at Kills.
    It is not helpful to look at numbers on a wipe or if you died, even for 10 seconds — the numbers are not honest.
  • Legendaries Matter.
    It looks like the Ring and the Wrist are the big shots. I have a good ring and a dumb ring, really dumb.
  • Be Patient.
    Patch 7.1.5 is a massive re-tuning and balancing of classes; we are playing broken, so to speak.

Druid healing is a handful. If we look past the kills and decide to go deeper and look at performance; our healing demands a lot of clicks and not all are as selective as we may like (smart heals and random procs). Which makes this class totally fun to play; we have to dash and heal and dispell and watch our bars and the fight itself.

The nerf to Prosperity which means our Swiftmend and Wild Growth don’t cleanly line up feels like a designer is running five feet ahead of me and trying to trip me at every step. That’s just mean, man.

The AMR simulator has been a help. It tells me that Wild Growth should be my top spell followed by Rejuvenation. That is very hard to do and I don’t have unlimited Mana. I got a Weak Aura to remind me when WG is ready but I am still not doing it on cooldown because … sometimes everyone is healthy!

I have fun healing. I’ll cast Tranq if is near a kill and announce that I’m padding the charts. I love putting down my mushroom three seconds before a pull to show the melee where to stand. I like Displacer Beast (it will be nerfed) and Dash and Tree Form.

Bring on the next raid, raids love Druid healers.

3 thoughts on “Druid Healing Numbers

  1. It’s interesting that you’d like the relics you mention over the mana regen ones. I’ve been running 2 bioluminescenct mushrooms which both increase mana regen so I’ve had 10% and trying to get the frost regen from TOV. Today, I picked up a life relic upgrade by 15ilvls which gave a corresponding increase to my weapon ilvl.. but the bonus is an increase to living seed.
    I’m wondering if the stat increase will outweigh the 2% mana regen loss. I think it should but I’m going to worry about it until I test it out I’m sure.

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  2. That Living Seed one is a tough call, I’ll avoid it unless it is a big jump in stats for my Artifact.
    There are a lot of factors that go into how we measure performance whether it be pure through-put or comparing HPS or even have a measuring stick at all. I’d chose my two relics which improve over-all output over mana regen if/when I care to compare numbers with other healers because that will show on the charts.


    • Yeah I looked at it long and hard for a while especially as I’m trying to reduce my regrowth use. But it was an 875 replacing an 860 so it won out in the end for the weapon increase alone.

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