Druid Healer: Mythic Four

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
Mark Twain

Druid Healer: Mythic Four

Granted I’m new but my thinking is sound. Having raided plenty, some amigos roped me into doing a Mythic Plus with a Sanguine affix and it was a cake-walk. Maybe we are out-gearing the dungeon, it was still a rush to feel that timer constantly ticking down.

Sanguine is a “thank your tank” affix, he or she simply pulls the party over as the mobs die.


  1. Prosperity
  2. Displacer Beast
  3. Balance Affinity
  4. Mass Entanglement
  5. Soul of the Forest
  6. Germination
  7. Stonebark

It is a solid talent build. I feel that Prosperity, which gives us two Swiftmends is key. Swiftmend is a big heal but also it is instant and can be cast on the run. Druids have few instant casts and having one extra is great.

Balance Affinity helped only a little. There were times which I helped DPS during low damage phases. I doubt I was a BIG help but feeling that timer, everything matters.

Mass Entanglement is to proc my Legendary, which is a dumb ring. The stun from Mighty Bash would have been much more useful, I think.

Soul of the Forest is powerful, especially tied to our Artifact and Prosperity and it supports the vibe of heal-over-time Druid healing. Along with Germination (the next Talent, it is three HoTs running on everyone, maxing out our Mastery).

Stonebark I chose because I don’t know the tank very well and assumed he’d be taking some nasty hits. It goes counter to the Druid vibe (Flourish would make those HoTs run for a long time).

Mana was no issue, I ate an apple a couple of times while they were pulling trash. I did eat max buff food and used a flask. Thinking back, I could have used potions more and we should have used Hero more.

Some fights are designed to keep you moving. Channeling a spell is impossible! I pity those Moonkins in dungeons. Germination and Prosperity support heavy travel quite well.

I had read the Legion Mythic Dungeon Guide a while back and returned to read it after. Since I was “roped in” to run the dungeon, I was not nearly as prepared as the guide would recommend.

In all, fun stuff! The pressure to succeed is stressful and I think I’d only want to run with friends. In Pugs, I either feel contempt for the under-powered or meek and humble if they are a super group; both horrible feelings all based on insecurity!

Still, get some friends and give it a try — before they re-set the difficulty on all of the dungeons to keep the “relevant”. I don’t know why they couldn’t add more bosses to keep them relevant, new design stuff instead of merely turning up a dial.

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