More Druid Healing Numbers

“Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.”
Henri Poincare

More Druid Healing Numbers

Last night we ran Heroic EN, well under our three hour raid commitment. It was a bit rocky as our Raid Leader was super sick and we didn’t have all of our roster. We filled in our missing Resto-Shammy with another Holy Pally but we all did fine.

So, let’s look at some numbers!

These numbers are not progression fights. We are on farm and even in carry-mode for some player’s Alts. In one sense, the numbers are more “pure” reflecting rotation and potential but it also doesn’t reflect the reality of trying new stuff.

First up, Warcraft Logs. I have to say a thank you to Raid Advice, I now ask our Raid Leader to run logs on most nights. That whole website is really good.

Here is our Xavius Kill. At first glance, Warcraft Logs can be over-whelming. For healing, look at the bottom right: Healing Done by Source. Wrathsome, that’s me!

Okay, so it’s a stacking fight and I had higher numbers than the Holy Pallys but not by much at all. Nothing to crow about but instead it is reassurance that I’m in the ball-park and everyone is trying to play.

Second up, my own healing numbers on Xavius. If you click my name on the previous, it will lead to this screen.

So, what to look for? Way over on the right is “uptime %”. If, for example, Wild Growth is at 50% uptime then I need to make sure that I’m using that spell more. I also see that I could have got another Tranquility in, I think.

Now that we have this graph, let us compare to the Simulation from Ask Mr. Robot.

I hope this links works, does AMR cache stuff? Let’s try:

My Simulation should show my character with my talents and my gear and my potential. I can change talents and re-try the Sim.

The main thing, for me, is knowing which spells should be on top; am I missing anything crucial is the question.

By comparing my Warcraft Logs actual experience with the Sim, I can see if I am being weak or strong.

Also, by changing talents and re-running the AMR Simulator, I can see which builds should pump out the biggest numbers; potential. Whether that build is viable for cutting-edge progression is another story!

It is fun and interesting to look at Druid Healing Numbers, it can tune you up nicely. Even if you don’t do Raid Logs, you can Simulate yourself and change stuff around and see your potential.

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