Achievement Runs

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Achievement Runs

Our guild did an Achievement Run on normal Emerald Nightmare last night, we spent three hours at it and got some but not all.

Here is the deal: it was not announced as an Achieve Run. If you accepted the invite to run the raid, you were saddled into trying new things; which is not at all a bad thing. Still, it is very different when expecting a relatively quick two hour run that is well rehearsed and; instead, getting new responsibilities and a stretch of your powers.

I am guilty of completely under-estimating our community. We had two puggers (one was a healer with English as a second language and the other was a DPS with no mic) and I thought for sure that they’d bail quick when they saw our agenda. Not only did they stick through, they seemed to have a great time with our group.

We’d dabbled at stomping the bugs on the first boss last week. Now knowing the needs of the Achieve, we split the team into quadrants and slowed the DPS to allow the dragon to “sleep” three times instead of two. Easily done.

We got the Achievements on the first boss, the Dragons, Ursoc and Cenarius. We missed the Eye by one glob and we kicked a spider web before the pull and were mystified by the last boss altogether. Not bad, not bad at all.

These are in many ways “thank your healer” Achievements. And I made the raid team thank the healers about two hours into it! All were more than happy to be grateful.

We are not super-geared, in fact I’d say that some of the players were carried. As a guild run, we do not mind at all! It was challenging and the cheers when successful were fantastic.

Finally, it is very good for morale. A Wall of Achievements in guild chat is very good, even for those not playing to see that we are working as a guild. I wish there were a LOT more things that a guild could do besides Achievements.


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