Diablo Comes to WoW

“No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth.”
Harry Houdini

Diablo Comes to WoW

According to Wowhead — Diablo 20th Anniversary: The event is scheduled to run from January 4th through 11th, according to datamining.

It looks like two toys for the WoW community; a Twelve-String Guitar and a Tome of Town Portal, which I’d guess will replace our hearthstone and give us a cool looking dark portal to step through.

One week seems fair if the avenues to success are abundant. These will be “star marked” mobs on our mini-map that are creatures from Diablo in Azeroth — which sounds very cool and fun!

I’ve been trying to track the information and the above link, so far, seems to be the best.

It is something that we don’t want to miss because we were not paying attention!

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