One Week in WoW

“Life is not about finding our limitations, it’s about finding our infinity.”
Herbie Hancock

That Was the Week that Was

I was listening to my favorite podcast, Hearthcast last night. I use to access the episodes.

Almost all podcasts open with the speakers telling each other what they’ve been up to in WoW or in the Blizzard Universe. This lets us listeners measure ourselves against the podcasters (podders? casters?) as far as progress goes and we decide if it is worth listening to for advice or getting a taste of their good humor.

So, I’m going to go Podstyle and tell you what I’ve been doing this week in the wonderful World of Warcraft.


  • Cleared normal Emerald Nightmare and heroic Emerald Nightmare. Also got four or five of the achievements.
  • I got one upgrade, a trinket Horn of Cenarius which I macro’d with … Ironbark?


  • I got a lot of achieves from a guild run of mythic High Maul and mythic Black Rock Foundry!
  • Of course, I got the mount that goes with it.

Fishing Artifact

  • I had to put in a ticket to a GM. Even though your Alt will list having done Bigger Fish to Fry and you’d THINK that you could work on the Fishing Artifact; that is not the case. Your Alt has to earn it as well. AND the only way to track it is via the Armory! Egads.
  • My main has only three more four more traits to fill and I’m selling fish in stacks of 200 on the AH.

Pet Battles

  • I have two of the classes done for Family Familiar. The rest of the classes have at least six in each class, so this big Achievement project will begin to finish up over the next month.
  • I’m working on the very rare Albino Buzzard at the new tamer Crysa. I simply parked an Alt way over there. And … reviewing Bubbles of Mischief’s page on Cryas Flyers I see in the comment section ….

    • Vandersveldt
      November 14, 2016
      The unlock requirements are finishin the trainer of Kalimdor and trainer of eastern kingdom quests. They’re probably called something else. I asked a gm and they helped. Feel free to update with the actual quest names. Thank you and I love your site!
  • So .. maybe my Alt isn’t the best idea …
  • All my pets from Raiding with Leashes and Broot are now 25.


  • Three Alts are working on Hexweave Bags and supply mats for the Goblin Glider kits which I stack in rows in Tab One of our Guild Vault.
  • One Alt is camped with Ashlei to keep leveling battle pets.
  • One Alt is Barely Alchemy but can keep me stocked in Potions of Prolonged Power quite nicely.
  • One Alt is 106 and is slowly leveling mining and herbing as a Druid for the long-term idea of a dedicated gathering Alt for when we get flying months from now.
  • My Bank Alt is doing quite well, thank you very much.


  • I am chipping at Suramar as my last thing. I am using Gnomecore’s Leyline Bling Guide and almost done!
  • 60/80 on that monster random Heroic Dungeon quest. I read that after it is complete, it will eventually lead to us gathering mats to upgrade our Legendary items — so, I have new resolve to nail ten a week.


  • I’m working on the 7% buff, so … three or four into the Paragon pile.


  • I have not touched Kara!
  • I have the quests but have not done Arcway or the other Suramar one yet!
  • One last cooking recipe to get from a Questline in Stormheim. If you have the Nomi addon, type /Nomi in chat.
  • Sigh … level Engineering.
  • Kill time until Jan. 17th and new content.
  • Do more Artifact Quests for other specs and classes.

Blogging — Should this list include blogging?
Everyday I read or check on:

And … MMO Champs, Icy Veins, Wowhead, Blizzard Watch, of course.

Busy? Mostly routine stuff. The biggest time sink has been leveling the Fishing Artifact which is pretty dumb on my part since I don’t need fish. I should have put one trait in each kind of fish and stopped.

And that … was my week in the wacky World of Warcraft!

2 thoughts on “One Week in WoW

  1. My mama would be so proud! 😉 Thanks for checking out my photos! I sure hope to develop a camera eye.

    I follow a few others you listed, and will have to check out the ones that are new to me.

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