Character Capping

“What was the competition? Well, I remember this Puerto Rican who came out in a short skirt and a gun.”
Sarah Vaughan

Character Capping

I’m on the last research phase of Artifact Knowledge.

I still have that painful 80 dungeons quest and I wish that I’d not ignored them early on because I could be parking my main and drifting over to Alts.

Or finding all of the million loose ends in Legion.

Like Misdirections says in What Blizz got right in Legion, this expansion is only four months old.

In past expansions it would have been level cap but in this expansion it is AK cap, after that is reached; everything else just fills in.

The flurry and fury at seeing the demands of Legion is settling into our DNA, we have a better idea of what the designers want us to do and, really, what those things mean.

I’m even using my Mission Table to get Rep Tokens for my Alts. That is too soon, isn’t it?

It kind of bums me that as much as I might push, I’ll never be ahead of the curve. My lazy Alt will cap AK knowledge also soon and Artifact Power for him whooshes up and fills the bar.

We, as players, still feel like we should be running with flasks and food buffs but the Devs see that as needless min/maxing. I can see our players farming and gathering and fishing, yet the content doesn’t demand those crucial numbers; they don’t! It is all about mechanics more than numbers.

It is two weeks until the next raid and, on one level, it can’t come soon enough. Our raid team is either bored with farming EN or glaring at Heyla (which we downed on normal last night). We sincerely do not want to be in ToV.

At the end of Heyla, Odyn says “Good job, I’ll have need of you again”. Everyone groaned! It was hilarious, they don’t want to see him again.

On the other level, I’d like some down time from the press to be powerful. I’d like to feel that it is okay to muddle about on some side thing (and I do that anyways, look at my darn Fishing Artifact and Family Familiar).

Capping a Character is only how you measure it. For me, it is AK research. Now it’s time to look at the Suramar quests again; I took a glider over the city (from the fishing island) and saw one exclamation point; now I know where to go find my lost quests.

5 thoughts on “Character Capping

  1. I got roped into a full normal clear of EN one evening, other than that I have done a few LFR runs, but ToV? WoW, I managed on a few occasions to get the LFR version down, that last fight though, even on LFR it was insane, I know the guild has not desire to work on that at all, and has been farming heroic EN. But I hear the grumbles, they are done with that and looking for something new. I even see some in guild running Mythic +12 which I cannot even fathom.

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    • With Raid Teams, it is tough to stop since you might get them all back. The big guns do that, Restokin is unsubbed; I assume waiting for the next bit of content. Our more social context will see us re-running it until we get something new.

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  2. Strange enough, I’d better run ToV LFR rather than EN. The Nightmare just didn’t touch any strings in my soul 🙂 ToV is both fun and challenging though. The size of the raid is also nice. Once I’m done with Suramar available questing for my alts and at 7k-20k rep world quest streak, I’ll guess I’ll farm both raids for mogging.


  3. Rep tokens and AP items are my only missions at the moment. Rep is vital for alts as they mean profession recipe grades, and a token is worth of 3-4 quests. No, it’s not too soon to get them 🙂

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