Guides – Goodness Gracious!

“You can read all the textbooks and listen to all the records, but you have to play with musicians that are better than you.”
Stan Getz

Guides – Goodness Gracious!

Not all of the guides are the same and each can have it’s own purpose, delving deeper in one area or another.

One of my beefs with guides, since they are asking for traffic, is they either are not up-dated or; they don’t post the date of their information (reflecting the most recent patch).

The quality has gone up, a lot. No longer do we have to paddle through meandering rivers on Elitist Jerks suffering through the crazy short-hand of those theory-crafters. I say “yay”.

My “go to” Guides are Icy Veins and Ask Mr Robot. Occasionally I’ll drift over to Wowhead but their site’s design can be frustrating. And, that should be enough to get me the information that I need; stat priority, consumables, best in slot.

All of the guides at Icy Veins and Wowhead were written by individuals who specialize in each area. While they follow a template, they can vary a lot between each class and spec since they are different writers.

The Resto-Druid list on BiS is fine. However, right next door, the Feral-Druid has a nifty chart, simmed-out, for trinkets! Here is a link.

The reason I point this out is that this chart way (way) over on the Feral Druid guide shows that some of the top trinkets are from World Quests. This shocked me. Of course, now I can imagine a warforged or titanforged stat trinket being really good, loaded with Crit or Mastery.

This simple chart changes the way I play.

It takes nothing for me to look at the WQ rewards and do a simple quest. I imagine there are several such for trinkets in a week. And it sure beats my once-a-week try with a bonus roll on Ursoc (for nine weeks/kills now, no luck).

Whether or when I ever get a BiS trinket high on a list doesn’t matter so much as that I can try by simply keeping an eye on the WQs for trinkets each day and completing them; with hope and a dream.

3 thoughts on “Guides – Goodness Gracious!

  1. I was really sad when went inactive. Their list of gear by slot really made the shopping list easy to create. Sadly, I think most guide writers are fighting a battle for clicks, with AMR and Icy-Veins being the top competitors. At some point those two and WoWhead may have a standoff with the advertising revenue at stake. I don’t know who would win, but we the players would certainly be the ones that lose.

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    • I agree. As it gets simpler, we might see less variety.
      The crazy factor for gear now is the chance to roll-up to a higher ilevel and so the lists are not “set” except in a Sim like done for the Feral Druid.
      My guild master says that it is always good to have a goal and to know what you are going for.

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