Shockwave: Patch 7.1.5

“You know what’s the loudest noise in the world, man? The loudest noise in the world is silence.”
Thelonious Monk

Shockwave: Patch 7.1.5

I feel like that vendor on the street in Pompeii.

Mount Vesuvius is right over there, but it’s never going to erupt. Relax.

Patch 7.1.5 will be here January 10th. I am astonished. I felt that the re-balancing of classes and especially the issue with the Secondary Stats would keep the designers busy for a long, long …. long time.

The patch is a re-balancing patch and a “patch” in the true sense of trying to bandage some grievous wounds. It would be tough to call this a content patch.

New content is a re-worked Brawlers Guild. We’ll get some two day Micro-Holidays which will be welcome but do nothing to further our character. We’ll get a new Timewalking: Pandaria, a new visit to old content (you can’t call that new, can you?).

There will be some quality of life improvements; your Main can buy your Alt some Artifact Knowledge — that will be nice. Up to AK 20, I believe and our cap is currently 25.

But the Big Deal is the patch over the wounds. Some classes will get re-worked Talent rows. Spells are re-designed. Fixed Legendarys and introducing some new ones (collective eyeroll, as if I’d ever be so lucky). Mechanics or spell synergy will be redesigned on some classes.

Some classes will be buffed.
Some classes will be nerfed.
Every class will claim they were nerfed!

More of a re-shifting of stuff than real change, I think.

The Legion test-bed of 7.1 should be over; four months into the expansion. They can now fix all the stuff that was wrong! Good news indeed.

I remember going over those long strings of data-mined changes over on MMO Champs. And then seeing more changes as they tested on the PTR. What I want to see now is the Final List of all the class, spell, stat, talent changes.

And someone, please, explain the change in Resto-Druid Mastery!

6 thoughts on “Shockwave: Patch 7.1.5

  1. I am right there with you. Shadowpriests are getting an overhaul, some spells are renamed, some being removed, others moving to different levels. And I have 0 clue what the final outcome looks like. I try to read up on things, and I am lost. I can only imagine thousands of others that just log in to play every day are going to be scratching their heads.

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    • Shadow is getting some of the biggest changes, right? I sure know that it has been a heavy topic, I really hope it works out. Though, I’m getting used to rezzing at the end of every boss fight and knowing that it wasn’t my fault that the player died!

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      • You would not have to Rez me due to that. I gave it a try once after some practice. Being dead because of a minor slip up was not worth it to me. As for changes? I know there are some, but being only 4 days from the patch I was hoping there would be a solid discussion. Not that I saw.


    • What’s troubling to me is all they have on the forums is Class update changes blog, coming soon. We are 4 days from Class revamps, and they are still working on it?

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