Very Quick Macros

“Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.”
Dave Barry

Quick Macros — Quality of Life

We’ve all seen it. Doing a world quest and we’ve all killed The Ten and now need to kill The Boss. But this boss spawns slow and we have stacks of Alliance and Horde waiting for the spawn.

And the dirty Horde are quicker and tag that Boss. A bunch of those evil children stick around to grief the more mature and happily sane Alliance players; players who are drinking coffee and listening to Count Basie.

Make a quick macro and spam it!

/tar Duskrider Silaryn
/tar Lord Tash
/cast Moonfire

As time goes on, build your list of pesky places and situations. Maybe that rare Koi fish in Suramar or a dragon that flies just out of range.

/tar is an abbreviation for Target. All you need is the first three letters to target and tag.

For me, Moonfire is instant and non-channeled. The quickest spell I can cast.

Be a player!

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