Patch 7.1.5 Today

“Everybody be glad
Because the sun is shining just for us
Everybody wake up
Into the morning into happiness.”

A Brand New Day (The Wiz)

Patch 7.1.5: Today!

The servers are down, resetting, it should take a few hours but they can be sneaky.

I took a screen shot of my character with the stats panel open for a before and after look. The assumption is that that the percentage of my secondary stats (crit, haste, etc.) will go down.

The official patch notes were released yesterday. While I feel like “the day before” is way too late, the data-mining prepared us a little bit. Normally I’d sort through all the notes to see how I could profit, perhaps new recipes that demand ore; stockpile and then sell on patch day. No need this time.

Pandaria Timewalking will be new. At first I imagined myself back in those dungeons but really, now, I’m looking at that loot table. Who doesn’t want a Yak Car Wash Toy?

Not in the official patch notes is Trashy. The battle pet you can buy on the fishing island for 50 Drowned Mana. I have my character parked, with 100 Drowned Mana, right next to the vendor for when we get back into the game.

The section on Professions doesn’t mention all of the old-school Blacksmithing recipes. Old recipes for gear from old raids, tmog stuff! The data-mining description on Wowhead made it look fun which is a good step forward for Wowhead.

Clearly Engineering needed some love, I’ve been ignoring it; we’ll learn a new shoulder enchant for materials. I rely so heavily on Harvester, it will be tough to decide.

The notes have only one note in Order Halls: The Sunblossom Pollen from the Druid Class Hall evergreen plant plots now provides +10% damage reduction for 1 hour (was +travel form speed). Why, oh, why? Stagform and this buff for herbing in Suramar was great. The one-hour buff was the perfect timer to tell me to stop!

I am very happy to see Restokin has a Survival Guide up and ready. Icy Veins does too (at least for Resto Druid)!

Okay then. A brand new day in Azeroth. I hope I am buffed and can find interesting things to do.


3 thoughts on “Patch 7.1.5 Today

  1. Don’t forget new neck enchants, hope they are orange to me and I can get to 800 now, and some things on Timeless Isle.


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