7.1.5: Dev Chat

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

7.1.5: Dev Chat

As far as I can tell, I am the same. I have survied the re-balancing of classes. My rival, the resto-shammy, seems to have been buffed. Or maybe I was nerfed! It is too close to tell in any way.

Three days into this patch and I’ve seen a new Legendary. I see more Curious Coins and Blood of Sargeras drops. I (finally) asked a friend to help me with an Alchemy quest and now, after some more quests, I can make flasks.

Our raid team re-shuffled. A healer went tank so we’d be more consistent. Still, in one night we rolled H EN and N ToV. I mean powered through it. Chatting. Wondering if our group was too PG13 in language. Laughter.

I liked the Dev Chat a lot. Paul Kubit is so refreshing after Ion Watcher! He laughed at Lore’s jokes. He was never defensive or dismissive. Smart and quick, you could see him looking at solutions from different angles on each question.

We got a clear definition of Brawlers Guild. Thank you for that.

We got a deeper understanding of Micro-Holidays. Thank you for that.

Professions …
Well, we know why they forced so many profession quests through dungeons. They knew dungeons would scale before they knew zones would scale. At least we understand.

There is a clarity in the design of professions which I appreciate; especially with his awareness of the expansion … uh .. expanding.

Hints of the possibility of Timewalking Raids. Yikes. Raiding is about learning the mechanics of a boss, I can’t imagine any patience in a typical pug situation — especially those bosses that needed freaking addons!

I got my Trashy pet. I looked at the Boon of the Zookeeper but I have over 2000 pet charms.

C’mon next raid!


3 thoughts on “7.1.5: Dev Chat

  1. For me I saw a 190k increase for single target. I was averaging about 210, now going a pinch over 400 in not out of the question. Tackling all 3 target dummies had my numbers over 500k. It is still, to me, a fairly complex play style, but one I can grasp now. I’m not thrilled with a revamp 4 months in, having to relearn, but at least now it’s a concept I can understand.

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