Alchemy: Raid Tab

“Alchemy is a kind of philosophy: a kind of thinking that leads to a way of understanding.”
Marcel Duchamp

Alchemy: Raid Tab

Building a Raid Tab is very satisfying and supports your guild. The first thing any new guild member does is to look in the Guild Vault. How you maintain and present your Vault is important.

For Cataclysm and Draenor, I supplied all of the flasks and pots for our raid team with some help but not a lot. I rarely ask for help. Once it is set up via a big investment and build-up, one only needs to maintain it.

Each Column in the Raid tab has seven slots. For Cata and WoD, I would have one column of Agility flasks (20) and two columns of Agility potions(20). Then Strength the same, then Intellect the same. Two columns of Mana potions and all Health potions went elsewhere in the Guild Vault. For WoD, Savage Feasts were in abundance.

For Legion, it is very different. Partially because I am still building up stock and am not “ahead of the curve” as far as demand goes. Also, there is now only one potion players want: Prolonged Power.

Also different is that players are running Mythic Plus and while they DO want flasks and potions, there is no way I could support that volume. The kids are on their own.

Our current Raid Tab is in transition. With the recent patch, 7.1.5, the Lavish Feast which gives 200 to your main stat (agility, strength, intellect) should be much better than the 375 secondary stat food. I am slowly taking all those columns of ribs and salads and more and trying to make a 20 stack 7 slot column of Lavish Feast. Next will be educating our players that it is better.

It is hard to judge but, right now, my goal is two columns of Potions of Prolonged Power in stacks of 30. That will serve 15 pulls in a 14 man Raid for one night.

I have two columns of Agility flasks which seem to be the most in demand. They are in stacks of 4, thinking that a typical raid night is three hours. I have one column each of Intellect and Strength but that is soon to expand as we move out the buff foods.

In general, I only farm Starlight Rose. While collecting that and simply playing the game, I manage to stockpile enough Blood of Sargeras to purchase stacks of the other herbs (Fjarn, Aethil, Dream and Foxflower).

Things will get easier. My Alchemy is only Rank 2 for the flasks and I am only 770. Once I ding 800, those flasks will become Spirit Cauldrons!

Ultimately I’d like to see some columns of Spirit Cauldrons and Lavish Feasts for the bulk of raid night with some back-up flasks for late-comers or if we go over 15.
However: “drink one, take one” from the Cauldrons only support two hours of raiding — this kind of sucks. It might be better, over all just to serve up four flasks at a time to individuals.

It can be done by one person (me!) and it is a terrific service to the guild. Yes, some players bring their own stuff and I’m glad of that. My favorite time is asking an officer to dole out the goodies to our raiders; they love it.

A popular strat in progression raiding is to use no pots, food or flasks for a few pulls until players have seen the fight. The buff up and execute; hopefully downing a new boss. Obviously, Nighthold is days away.

You and I know that it doesn’t matter that much. I have 35000 Intellect and 200 more won’t mean that much. But, it makes everyone feel better!

3 thoughts on “Alchemy: Raid Tab

  1. We have someone that is very in tune with Auction house pricing, and has max level most everything. Not only is he our raid leader, he makes sure we are well stocked, and honestly has done a great deal in getting the bank above 1 million. At the start of any progression raiding I bump up all the repairs for the guild. Once they are basically farming it, it comes back down. Personally I feel offering repairs, food and flasks for all doing all guild content makes every one happy. We even have folks that will make gear for others at no charge. I am very proud of the people I have. And they are what keeps me going.

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  2. Spirit Cauldrons are definitely the way to go if you can make them happen. My guild cut back on providing free pots and food, but the spirit cauldrons are such great value that we are continuing them. With rank 3, you can proc off the flasks then again off the cauldrons – big gain potential.

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