Bucket List Challenge

“Almost everybody is born a genius and buried an idiot.”
Charles Bukowski

Bucket List Challenge

I’ve never participated in a Blogging Challenge but here goes. The participants are listed on Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge page.

The challenge is: Write a bucket list of what you want to complete in 2017, then a year from now the challengers will be returned to their post to see how it went.

  1. Keep playing the World of Warcraft.
  2. Stay strong enough on my Healer to be invited to group play.
  3. Get them Raid Bosses down!
  4. Stay up-to-date via Third Party Sites so that I can be informed to: help my guildies and continue my own blog.
  5. To continue to post on humble blog (almost) every day.
  6. Keep adding Fun Toy Box Macros to my blog: it is my calling card on search engines.
  7. Finish Pathfinder: Part I before 7.2.
  8. Support my guild:
    • Stay chatty in guild chat and not whisper with friends so much.
    • Keep the Raid Tab stocked.
    • Keep those Goblin Glider Kits stacked in tab one.
    • Be open to Mythic Plus (not my fave), Adventures, Achievement runs.
    • Throw a Scavenger Hunt party.
  9. Continue to follow active bloggers. I have learned so much from all of them.
  10. Collect mounts and toys. Do the Profession Achievements. Pet battle for fun.
  11. Get the fox mount!

That is my list. I should add “kill the end boss of the expansion” too.

Happy Challenges!

4 thoughts on “Bucket List Challenge

  1. That’s a great list! Best of fortune with keeping up with all of that!

    I’ll finish Pathfinder Part 1 eventually — when my Mage gets to Suramar (and I hope she’ll stumble across the Hidden appearance for Felo’melorn and the fox mount questline while she’s there, too) — but I might end up doing Pathfinder Part 2 with Kamalia first! We’ll have to see how things go for me over the next few months πŸ˜› I *would* like to get Broken Isles Flying *before* the expansion is over, though, if only to make coming back for fashion photoshoots easier!

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