Nighthold: First Five

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Nighthold: First Five

Last nights run into Normal Nighthold was a blast! Oh, we had fun.

Downing five bosses on the first night of a ten boss raid might seem that it was too easy. I say, “not at all”. This is ideal and perfectly tuned content for a Family and Friends raid. Exactly has it should be.

Yesterday, I talked about using Germination. We had 19 players in our raid and I regretted that decision all night long. Yes, double rejuves and Flourish are a bad-ass combo. Yes, it’s a clicking nightmare and I want to see the fight.

I’ll be back to Prosperity, Soul of the Forest, Spring Blossoms and Flourish again and for now on. I enjoyed healing this raid.

This raid is great and good and everyone was super happy. We even ooohed and aaahed at the loading screen. It reminded me of this painting by Maxfield Parrish.

It wasn’t until the fourth boss that I began to wonder about the Heroic version. Mechanics were new, for sure, but one can imagine them ramped up and a tough win.

Loot? Of course not! Five bosses and three bonus rolls made me sad.

It looks like that there are four very good healing trinkets but for starters, I’d like the “fun one”.

Perfectly Preserved Cake from Trilliax: Use: Create a magical feast for 20 sec. Up to 5 allies who partake in the feast absorb 224489 damage for 12 sec.

I want the trinket, I want to serve up cake.


3 thoughts on “Nighthold: First Five”

  1. Congrats!

    BTH has been all about the PUGging raids using the Group Finder this expansion; he managed to get five bosses down last night, too. He got four bosses down in one group, then after that group fell apart, he looked for another group that also had four bosses down and had lost a tank, and got another boss kill in the second group before it totally collapsed, too.

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