Sleeping Murloc Logic

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”
Steven Wright

Sleeping Murloc Logic

I have a friend. This friend loves to play the World of Warcraft and over the years we have had many a grand adventure together. My friend does not have time to grind. Sometimes raids, achievements, dungeons, quests, pet battles; the core of the game. But no grinding, for sure. Time best spent when time has value.

So, my friend has the Fishing Artifact but would never fill up the traits. Too much time.

This is what I did.

I went to the Irongrove Retreat and began fishing for Runescale Koi. I needed the fish to make some Lavish Suramar Feasts for raiding.

I carried the two lures I did not want to farm up in my bags; Demonic Detrius and Enchanted Lure. This would force the desired lure, the Sleeping Murloc to be fished up.

You can only carry one type of lure in your bags at a time. However, your Guild Bank can have as many as you dare to store.

The Sleeping Murloc is an item that you “slap” to wake him up. He leaps into the water and scampers about leaving a trail of fish and AP Puffers for the Fishing Artifact. The idea was to collect about six of these for my friend to use.

The first that I caught, I used the portable guild bank. The bank stays up for five minutes and so was gone for my second. Then I used my Moll-E mail box, which stayed up (ten minutes) for two items; I mailed them to my Alts. I can’t keep more than one Lure either, so I had to bounce about some to collect them all.

My friend got six of the first Traits in under 20 minutes.

  1. We partied up in Dalaran.
  2. Plenty of bag space is important!
  3. We mailed one lure to each other.
  4. We put one lure on our bags.
  5. We flew to the Irongrove Retreat and went to the shallow water.
    1. My friend did one lure, chased and tossed all the Puffers back in.
    2. I traded my lure; rinse and repeat.
    3. While chasing etc., I put down a Moll-E and got my mail.
    4. Then my friend got the mail.
    5. I put down a Portable Guild Bank and shuffled the last two.
  6. Port to Dal and race to the Pearl.
  7. Choose the traits.
  8. /dance

In retrospect, we could have done it all by me shuffling lures from the Portable Guild Bank. Or; I could have mailed them and opened them one at a time.

I under-estimated just how quick it is to use the Sleeping Murloc.

If you are going to grind, the Ancient Vrykul Ring is pretty great (with the Soggy Drakescale and Moosehorn Hook in your bags to force the Ring as a drop). The Ring only fishes up AP. But for speed, the Sleeping Murloc is the way to go.

In our realm’s Auction House, the Sleeping Murloc sells for about 5k gold. Next time you are fishing Runescale Koi, keep those other two lures in your bags and make some gold at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Murloc Logic

  1. “You can only carry one type of lure in your bags at a time.”
    I was a little confused for a moment there, I think that what you meant is that you can only carry one of any given type of lure at a time — which you said in the previous paragraph — right?

    Over a couple of recent weekends of going to fishing raids on Sunday evenings, I’ve gotten Kamalia to Best Friends with Margoss. I got the rubber duckie bobbers and the shark mount, then fished up enough extra Drowned Mana to buy a couple of stacks of Arcane Lures. Hopefully that will be enough to get me through the rest of the fishing I have to do to get the Underlight Angler.

    And then I can play tricks on Sleeping Murlocs to get the Underlight Angler’s traits filled out XD


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