With All Due Respect

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” H. L. Mencken

With All Due Respect

Every college and university has a built in government. The faculty might be called a Faculty Senate and nominate and elect members from their school to represent them in what might be called an Academic Council. The names might be different but the action is the same for all colleges and universities.

The Academic Council has representatives from each school or department and also the president of the Student Council, Staff Council, the Provost, the President and sometimes members of the Board of Trustees.

Service and Accountability is what I’d call the duties. Grilling the President on the budget is pretty fun. Reviewing all the policies on Accreditation years is not so fun and a ton of work. Finding out why the cost of coffee is so high in the SUB will teach you a lot about how a business is run.

The meetings are conducted by a very loose version of Robert’s Rules of Order. “The chair recognizes the representative from the Music School” or “I hear a motion on the table. Do I hear a second”. Stuff like that. Minutes and approval of minutes, very formal.

I was the Chairman of the Academic Council for three years. One time, while we were reviewing the Grievance policy, the Provost said, proudly, that we had never seen a Grievance taken to court (real judges and lawyers etc.).

We all sat back and smiled. The policy must be working!

Then one faculty member said,

“Madam Provost, with all due respect, is that a good thing?”

We were all suddenly shocked. What if our policy was such that no one was getting satisfaction? What if the Administration was stone-walling progress for one of our own faculty members? Ouch.

That shock was profound to me. That question is now asked every time I am presented with numbers, statistics, polls, etc.

Back in September, Blizzard released this infographic. 155 Million times that heroes fought in invasions. 3.9 Million Demon Hunters created. And so on. Staggering numbers.

With all due respect, is that a good thing?

We’ll probably see some numbers about how many dungeons were run, Mythic Plus, raids to show just how much fun everyone is having in the World of Warcraft this Legion. And I’ll cast doubt; not on the numbers proper but the why of running all that stuff over and over.

I saw the infographic in September and wondered why is there a situation that speed-leveling a character is desirable or necessary? My Big Guns out-geared the rewards but I wanted the tmog sets for all four armor types. We were hungry for something new and fun, believe me.

Today, I ran three characters through the new LFR in Nighthold and the Weekly Boss. It didn’t take a lot of time and it was kind of fun:
but, really, is this a good thing?

One thought on “With All Due Respect

  1. I started with my main in August of 2009. Most of the server was already at or near 80. Some were raiding etc. I had no clue. I went off and ran around and did things on my Priest in Holy spec, solo. I had no clue about Shadowpriests, or Disc. I was happy as can be just killing things 5 or more levels below me. It took me almost 5 months to hit 80. And that’s when it was no longer fun. My cousins daughter was over last year with her kids. I took them to the computer room and let the roll Night Elf hunters. All they wanted to do was run up the ramp and jump off. They wanted to chase birds, and pet the animals. And it reminded me. The end may be the end of a journey and the beginning of the challenge. But there is nothing wrong with taking all the time you want getting there.

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