The Grind: Once is Enough

“Game management, game decisions, adjustments, seeing things during games – it’s all important.”
Bill Belichick

The Grind: Once is Enough

Not enough things are Account Wide in this Wicked World of Warcraft. As they slowly ease restrictions once gated behind Reputation, it is time to open the floodgates. If they can take the step to give the Bird Whistle and World Quests to all your upcoming Alts and access to the Arcway and the other one (having arrived on your Main); c’mon Blizz: let it go.

I’d like to see all Secondary Professions at 800 if you’ve done it once. A small thing and while they made it so every fishing pool can be fished at low level; try doing the WotLK fishing daily in the Sewer. This is their content and they should be responsible for it.

Same with Reputation rewards in Legion Zones. I’ve done the play time, I’ve seen the content, I’ve done the grind — my upcoming Alt should be able to get the Harvester shoulder enchant at level 100.

My Herbalist has to do a Titan sized task to get Rank 3 on Starlight Rose so I don’t get dust anymore. Hours. And more hours of extremely repetitive play. This supports my Alchemist by Blizzard’s design. My Alt might want Herbalism and Inscription; an interesting facet of Legion design — I should not have to repeat that Herbing grind on another character. Shameful.

Back to the Secondaries: Cooking. Constantly funneling materials to the one character who has the recipe is a hassle and not interesting game-play. Again, we have put in their desired effort to see their design: ease up and let it go.

I see small areas where this has been a consideration. Spirit Cauldron’s are account-wide, for example. Why not Blood of Sargeras?

If I am crazy enough to want a second Alchemist just for the daily cool-down, my insanity should not be punished but, rather, rewarded by making that rough prior effort account-wide.

Once is enough, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “The Grind: Once is Enough

  1. I don’t mind shuffling mats around for secondary professions — I just shove stuff in my private GB — but I’ve definitely been starting to feel like once is enough for reputation grinds. I miss the Mists system where once one character has maxed out a faction, they can buy a token that makes the grind go twice as fast for all the rest of the characters on the account. I’ve been contemplating doing some past expac rep grinds for the tabards and thinking about starting from neutral is pretty daunting. It would be great if Kam, who because she is always first tends to get the most reps to the highest values, could buy a token to flip a switch so that all the rest of my characters could start those reps at, say, Honored.

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