Moving Right Along

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Moving Right Along

Footloose and fancy-free. Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me.

I would say that for all of my raiding in Nighthold that I’ve gotten no drops. This isn’t true: I’ve gotten no upgrades. Winning pieces and then giving them away to another raider can be discouraging and you wonder (in the back of your mind) if that, since you won; Blizzard’s counter clicked to tally it as a reward for you.

Icy Veins says “get your four-tier piece as soon as possible”; to which I gladly offer my middle finger. Who writes something like that?

Trillax is the first tier piece, a cloak. Should I bonus roll in the LFR too? Three rolls a week on a boss until you get your piece feels methodical and wrong! I think this raid, with tier pieces, will be the true test bed for Legion and the RNG philosophy.

We spent some time on Star Augur last night. We got him (we were debating whether if he was a she) down to 7% several times. We need to be a little better geared so our pot/hero phase is worthwhile. And that is fine, Tuesday is reset and we will run all of the bosses that we know again, slowly upgrading and getting stronger.

If we down Star Augur, then we’ll be on the second to the last boss. Then, probably two weeks from now, the last boss! It feels too soon to be moving over to Heroic but maybe 7.2 will be here sooner than I think.

I lost my Quest Giver in Suramar. I Goblin Glided over the city. I ran, stealthed, died and searched. Finally I put in a ticket and for the first time ever; Blizzard sent back a stock copy-and-paste answer. Saying that they were very busy. Go to Wowhead. After about 30 minutes of working through the many guides, I finally found the coordinates for my guy. I was one very frustrated player but I’m back on track.

I provide Spirit Cauldrons and Lavish Feasts for my raid team. I am stocked up for about three weeks of raiding now. Feels good but I want to continue to keep ahead of the game.


4 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Ugggh. The dreaded, have you searched online for a solution? Perhaps checking WoWhead’s comments for the quest. Thanks, have a great day gaming, be sure to fill out the survey.

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