Tier Sharing: Legion

Veni, vidi, vici.
Julius Cesear

Tier Sharing

Last night we one-shot every boss up to the Star Augur. Our “boss order” is not the same as the future “LFR wings”. I think for the LFR, they marry up a mix of easy and hard bosses for a wing, they did that for Emerald Nightmare.

So, we did: Skorplyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trillax, Spellblade Aluriel, Krosus, Tichondrius and High Botonist Tel’am. As one-shots, those are the easier ones for our team. Three more to go and we’ll move to Heroic.

Two and a half hours and done which leaves the next “progression” boss for our second night.

I won two tier pieces and was delighted. I had to shuffle around my Legendaries to make it work which is not an easy puzzle to solve. Yay me.

Trinkets always seem to come last, don’t they?

I was completely shocked when one of the Hunters won a tier piece and gave it to another hunter. We can share pieces? I did not think that was the case.

Tier sets are class based, not role based.

So now, I’m looking at how many Druids are in our raid team! Why don’t we have more? The more of the same class, the more everyone gets geared up. That lonely Warlock who only comes one night a week (instead of two) will be a long time arrival at his four-piece.

I’m guessing that I read some data-mined stuff a year ago and was under the impression that tier could not be traded.

Tier also drops in the LFR version! And, since all gear can roll up to Titanforged, one can imagine a LFR player being just as well geared as I am. And I love that. You are not hampered at all and I am encouraged to run the LFR every week: which I do.

My Alts run the LFR, darn tootin!


4 thoughts on “Tier Sharing: Legion”

  1. I was thrilled last week doing LFR on the final boss when another Shadowpriest just traded a tier piece to me. He just whispered and said, here. You can use this more than the other two. It is a big change from the way LFR use to be. People seem friendlier, and more interested in getting a fight done right, rather than pull everything. I hope it continues.

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    1. During Cata, our guild ran LFR every Tuesday night. I am frustrated because that can not happen any more as our raid teams refuse to budge. Yet, the greater good would be to collectively run the LFR as a large group and gear up more people. Good for the guild, good for the players, good for the community but I am locked up in raids. I guess I see it differently, most of the “raiders” don’t want to do the LFR at all and see no benefit.

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      1. The problem I saw in MoP and WoD was getting into an LFR group where it was mostly an all guild run, was the attitude so many had, like they were doing you a favor, just shut up and keep up. It feels different this time.

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  2. Tier tokens can be traded but there’s not guarantee on what tier pieces drop so the more ppl you have on a tier, the longer it can take to gear people up if their token doesn’t drop or do you run personal loot in raids?
    Tier also has the opportunity to titanforge so there will not ever be an end to the use or need for those tokens.

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