Mid-Stream Horses

“Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’.”
Charlie Chaplin

Mid-Stream Horses.

The headlong rush deep into Legion can now slow down some. It has taken five months for the design’s pieces to fall into place. It was a rough ride.

We were in the Emerald Nightmare for four months (it opened Sept. 20th) and so we can make an educated guess that we’ll be in Nighthold (opened Jan. 18th) for four months taking us to May or June.

I am encouraged that Gnomecore declares that we are now in a lull and can relax. And I see Z is for Zeirah is trying out boomy. Misdirections ran a full clear of N Nighthold in one night!

What does it mean? I think we’ll see a lot of players changing horses in mid-stream.

We’ll see The Rise of Alts and solid single-spec players who invested heavily to be able to raid – now looking for entertainment with their off-spec or Alt.

We already see it in Heroic dungeons, players running up their Alts — very well versed in the content but very low damage numbers (that is my clue).

The burden, of course, will be for us to carry those who wish to change. We need to still be successful. Knowing the mechanics of each fight in a raid will help but we do need some damage/healing/tanking numbers to get through it.

The odd bit is that we’ll be almost forced to invest in an off-spec. We’ll cap our 54 traits in these next few months and have AP spilling out of our bags. In this, I am lucky to have four specs as a Druid!

We’ll also see players un-sub. Those hard-core players who crush the content and then take long breaks will un-sub.

Not me, of course. I have a lot to do!

It might be time to start expanding our horizons. Look to some Achievements for entertainment. Raise up some professions perhaps. Skip dailies. Try a new spec.

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