WoW Swifties

“Pardon my flatulence,” said Tom astutely.”

Wow Swifties

When I was a kid, our family played a game called Tom Swifty.

We’d insert a Tom Swifty into our family conversation all of the time, often with a nice pause to get a groan.

“Please pass the sugar …. he said sweetly.”

Tom Swift, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys were (and still are) books about teen-age sleuths written by a bank of writers from a publishing company. There was no Carolyn Keene or Victor Appleton.

The writing style of those books was a bit odd and eventually people began to parody that style with puns. A Tom Swifty has a quote and then a follow up statement making a pun on the quote. They can make you groan.

So, for fun, here are some WoW Swifties.

  • “I killed the Lich King” he said coldly.
  • “Let’s do mythics” she said gamely.
  • “I am resto!” he barked.
  • “I don’t raid often” he said casually.
  • “Yes, I play a priest” she confessed.
  • “You can play feral” she deferred.
  • “I’m out of mana” Tom sputtered.
  • “Here is your haste gem” Betty said quickly.
  • “We need more pugs” the Raid Leader said doggedly.
  • “I polymorphed the wrong mob” the mage said sheepishly.
  • “Let’s go to the Auchenai zone” he said cryptically.
  • “There is only one way to play a mage” he said frostily.

Okay, I think we’ve groaned enough. Can you think of a WoW Swifty?

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