Hotfix My Love (Charms)

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Hotfix My Love

Well, Love Is In The Air; our favorite holiday has arrived!

Six hunters and two healers ran the Chem. Bros and no luck on the Heartbreaker toy. That is fine, I’ll be back tomorrow.

The new Love Boat toy costs 270 Love Tokens. When you pick up the collecting box in a major city, it allows you to collect (off of worthy mobs) Love Charms; of which ten will make one Love Token.

Clearly, some farming will be involved.

However, I ran Heroic Halls of Valor and an Emissary run: and got one Love Charm.


We need a hotfix and soon, baby love.

If we get that daily WQ in Val’Sharah where we get turned into Druids; I’m never leaving that zone ….

4 thoughts on “Hotfix My Love (Charms)

    • Yeah, raiding won’t do it either. We ran 8/10 tonight and I think I have seven now.
      The respawning mobs BEFORE you go into the dungeon, down the stairs from the summon stone seem to have a good drop rate. That might be a farm spot but you want a place with 20 mobs to aoe at a time.


      • Hmm I know in cata I would farm in halls of stone? halls of something LK era anyway, wonder if there’s an equivilant MOP dgn that will give grinding possibilities

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