Busy Player

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
Walt Whitman

Busy Players

With the new wing in the LFR up and cooking (boiling over in rage sometimes) and the Darkmoon Faire and the Love is in the Air holiday: we have a lot to do.

I finally have TWO trinkets from the current raid. Aluriel’s Mirror and the Perfectly Preserved Cake. It will be tough for me to eventually move up beyond the Cake trinket; it puts cake on the ground and it has a “eating cake” animation — brilliant.

Bubbles of Mischief posted some time ago on the new tamer, Crysa, in Kalimdor. There is a chance for a rare drop, the Albino Buzzard — which I got today! A Forgotten 100 was parked there for the daily and is now 102 just from the battles.

Like Z is for Zeirah, I am also running the Chemical Bros. on many toons. I got the mount years ago but I covet The Heartbreaker.

We have a guy in our raid. I’ll bet you have one in your raid too. He always uses the Turkey Shooter toy on the pull countdown on me! I am always this darn Turkey when I want to be a glorious healing Druid. His name is Mello.

My goal is:
/tar Mello
/cast The Heartbreaker
/say There there, little man, it will be okay.

With a one minute cooldown, this macro would be fun revenge.

The new Artifact Calculator for 7.2 now has the traits to rebuild our Paragon boost.

Grace of the Cenarion Circle (Rank 1) (New) Increases healing done by 10%, damage done by 10%, and Stamina by 25%.

Someone (somewhere) said they moved their character to the PTR with 51 of 54 possible traits. They did the upcoming conversion thing and had only three points to spend. So, the endless grind will continue. But, I think our first point will be in that 10% boost; reapplying what we had already earned.

Happy Hunting. And may all your hits … be crits!

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