Hoofing It In Dalaran

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Hoofing It In Dalaran

I was going to call this post More Than A Mouthful and reference Ubiquitous Legendaries, but that was a bit much.

What is in the News in my small version of the world?

Z is for Zeirah is busy as usual. Not just as a player but as an active (my favorite kind) blogger. There is a posting called Neat Blog Award For Me? Thank you 🙂. One of the cool things about these chaining challenges is that it broadens the community.

In which I am led to The Daily Frostwolf – Druid Edition which is also responding to the call. The response post is called Aww, Zeera Thinks I’m Real Neat. Yes, I am very interested in a daily Druid blogger! I tried to reply to that posting but it asks for my real name. I’m sorry, that won’t happen. I appreciate security on most levels but I’m not giving out my real name.

Finally questing in Suramar.
I understand that as you immerse yourself in content that you learn all the tricks and rules and, if designed well, you come to love the content. However, I’m having a miserable time.

I have this quest guy who asks for 1200 Ancient Mana to move forward. The first time was cool but the second time? When you read a book, if you are obliged to put it down for an hour between each chapter would you pick it up again?

At least for this first pass through Suramar, I’ve given up which really makes me sad. I just want it done. It is bad enough that now I look up EACH quest on Wowhead and find the answer; in which it is horrifying to read the solutions (use a glider to get to the quest giver, otherwise you fight elites all day — I’m glad I skipped that).

I’m 6/11. Many of those chapters I didn’t look up answers but that is where I’m at now. I’m sorry. BRB, gotta go farm some Ancient Mana.

This hotfix just in:
The Nighthold
Star Augur Etraeus
The following abilities’ damage have been lowered by 33%, and scale up to 1.5x their new values for Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties:
Coronal Ejection
Fel Impact
Comet Impact
Developers’ notes: These changes are aimed at reducing the difficulty of the Star Augur Etraeus encounter for smaller raid groups, which may have fewer tools to deal with the damage output of these mechanics, without significantly changing anything for large groups.

We had just downed the Star Augur before the hotfix which is satisfying. I see two things here: one, they are still learning how to design Flex encounters; two, they are showing the math!

As a family and friends casual, I will say that Killrogg broke our raid team and that we are still recovering. Players left and joined other guilds. And it wasn’t our fault! Flex didn’t flex and I see that even now, years later that they are still learning how to design for it.

So, to see active hot fixes coming out is a very welcome thing!

I’m working on upgrading my third (and final) Legendary to 940. It is slow. It was one helluva “time played” investment to get three. Candidly, I’m ready for my fourth. I have one that helps with healing, the other two are utility and merely good stats.

After the initial Aimed Arrow at launch, I think everyone is starting to spread out some. Enjoy some Alt leveling and professions for a bit, I like it. Thinking that the next patch isn’t until summer will make you sit back relax some.

Think about it. The final wing in the LFR doesn’t open until March!
Wednesday, March 8: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens

My Cake trinket is still the best trinket ever.


One thought on “Hoofing It In Dalaran

  1. With regards to the real name input, you can choose a different option. Its a dropdown menu. I always choose the option that lets you enter any name and url.

    I found the 1200 mana to be really disjointing to the story too

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