The Druid Detective

“I don’t know which is more discouraging, literature or chickens.”
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The Druid Detective

I am often riffling through logs and guides, trying to see how people are finding the answers.

One of the curious things, for example, is that for a Resto-Druid; Icy Veins wants me to use Haste gems and Ask Mr Robot wants me to use Crit.

I was reading with interest the interview with Exorsus, the raid team from Russia that won the world first on Nighthold. Reminded of WoD when it was “use a Disc Priest or you are doing it wrong” on mythic raids and probably a Holy Pally, I was very curious what the healing team was for Exorsus.

I looked all around and found some dead-ends because I don’t speak or read Russian. I wish that I could. Finally, I found in the comment section on MMO Champs the healing team. Two Resto-Shammy, a Resto-Druid, a Holy Pally and a Holy Priest.

I don’t know if they always had five or moved people and and out depending on the fight. Those World First guys are kind of crazy and intense. Finally I found the Resto-Druid on the Armory! I could see how a pro was playing and his set up.

Рубиксмерти is the guy’s name.

He gems for Mastery.

5 thoughts on “The Druid Detective

  1. The only issue when looking at the armory is you don’t know what gear he logged out in. Is that mastery set for raids, for mythic plus or for a specific fight where he’s performing a specific role? You really need logs to see what they wear/gem etc in raids.

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  2. Echoing what Zeirah said, mastery may well be for pvp or Mythic+. For raids it is usually an HPS loss, but could be used if the resto druid needs to focus healing on the tanks or a few key players.

    I don’t go deep into theorycrafting for anything but Balance, but my understanding is that Crit + Haste syndergize and are pretty close right now for rDruid. Technically, depending on your gear, you might want a Haste gem in one socket and a Crit gem in another. If you want to just pick one and go for it, I’d go with haste. Rough stat weights: Int >> Haste >= Crit >> Vers >= Mastery for raids.

    If you want some very approximate stat weights, read on: Int 1, Haste 0.8, Crit 0.8, Vers 0.6, Mastery 0.55.

    You can generate better ones via this weakaura ( or this spreadhseet (

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    • Thank you, I always learn a lot from your replies. I’m comfortable going for Haste, it’s been what I’ve been doing for years it seems. Gear seems pretty fluid right now, so I’ve been taking the highest ilevel (except one glove from the LFR to complete my four-piece).


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