Druid T19 Restoration 4P Bonus

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Druid T19 Restoration 4P Bonus

Last night, I sacrificed my 875 glove for a 860 tier glove from the LFR to complete the four piece set.

The bonus is: Each time your Rejuvenation heals a target, it has a 1.5% chance to jump to a new target at full duration.

After the raid, I visited Warcraft Logs to look at the fights. You can see, if you want, right here. We ended on the Botanist.

According to the log, I cast Rejuvenation 97 times on this fight. But did I? Maybe some of those were “free procs” from the four piece set. Is it really counting my casts (as in clicks) or is it counting the number of times the spell was in action.

With other things like our Artifact and Legendary Ring which also toss out an odd free Rejuvenation, I have some questions:

  • Are these “smart heals”? I have no control at all, are they going to those with the least health? Elune knows, I’m not the smartest healer!
  • If I talent to Germination, will it proc as a second Rejuvenation on a person or always go to someone without it?
  • Just how could I tell if the four-piece bonus is powerful or not?

On the Buff Page on the log, it counts Rejuvenation 19 times. I assume those are the procs from the various ways. Rounding up, am I right to think that I am getting free Rejuvenations 20% of the time?

I guess I could just “click and forget” but I’d sure like to know.

3 thoughts on “Druid T19 Restoration 4P Bonus

  1. It says you cast rejuv on yourself 11 times (taken from the casts tab and hovering over rejuv to see the break up of those 97 casts) but you have 19 buffs of it throughout the fight, so 8 are coming from somewhere else, procs? I’d like a way to be able to marry up casts with procs on other players to be able to work it out more precisely to see how strong the 4 piece in practice is.


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