Design Failure

“no puppet, no puppet”
Donald J Trump

Design Failure

In the world of the Performing Arts, I am a life-long fan of what is called New Work. Original scripts, original choreography, original compositions often bring ideas to the stage that can be enjoyed without (dare I say baggage?) the long history of a re-created piece.

Directors and Actors and Designers enjoy doing established works too. Looking at King Leer again or Swan Lake is fine. In those cases though, the core elements are known to be successful so it is only up to you to make in compelling in a new light.

Watching a lot of New Work, I can tell you what happens.

Either the event is a success and you enjoy it; and you realize that you could do anything with this piece. Add a snow effect or murder the butler or run into the audience and it would all be fine. It would “work”.

Or, you watch a piece and try to fix it. You are not saying, “what else can we do with this great vehicle”; you are thinking of how to solve the problem.

Two very different things.

This is how I know that the Artifact Weapon is a failure. Everyone is trying to solve the problem instead of saying, “wow, how cool would it be if we had (something fun) added to it”.

The changes suggested for 7.2 to fine-tune the engine won’t help if the vehicle is uncomfortable with no brakes.

Instead of thinking “How about when we get our last trait, after a boss kill all of our hunter pets come out of the stable and we parade around in a circle with confetti and fan fare?”

No, we are all dealing with the mechanics of Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge. Which is boring and not play.


5 thoughts on “Design Failure

  1. Ok. That is an idea I can get behind. If a maxed weapon occasionally had my Shadow Apparitions become Shadowfiends that would be more fun. I still might be a year away from maxing it, but it would be cooler.

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  2. I have kind of the same experience with trying a new cooking or baking recipe. Sometimes I think — oh this is great! and it would probably be really awesome if I did this or that or that to it!
    And sometimes I think — this is missing something, it would be better if I did this or that or that to it.
    And yeah, even though it sounds similar, it’s not the same thing.

    Just thinking about it for a little bit this moment, it seems to me that perhaps the devs are wanting the Empowered Artifact traits to be the first type of response, but the associated adjustments to the way Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge work are really more like the second type of response.

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  3. It’s not so bad for a debuting game feature. For me, the AP items are the most desirable award nowadays, and I like the leveling RPG element which results in beautiful trait patterns, not just sheer numbers.

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