Burning Out On WoW

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Burning Out On WoW

It is worth talking about, isn’t it?

Starting out in WoW, years ago, I heard the stories. Players who did long grinds until they had to go to the hospital, for example. I’ve known quite a few players who heard from their spouses, “WoW or me” and they quit. Personally, I think anyone who issues an ultimatum like that might deserve to hear, “WoW, hunnybear”.

I remember some funny stuff too. There was a writer for WoW Insider, a paid gig, who one day posted, “I realized today that I’m only logging on to do Dailies. I quit.” And that was the last we saw of that writer!

We all want to avoid burn out and to continue to play the games we like. One doesn’t, really, burn out on WoW. One burns out on facets of the game; which, if ignored, will make you feel burned out on all of WoW.

I have 192 Immerseus kills (can’t count the wipes, can we?). The thought of going back into the Siege of Orgrimmar makes me weary beyond belief. While my enthusiasm for raiding is not diminished, I’m still excited about Nighthold; the idea of going back to that specific raid shows an indication of burn out.

I’m beginning to feel that way about mounts. No doubt about it; mount hunting, farming, earning is a big lure in the game. At 273 mounts, I’m not riding more than one at a time. I might do the Archeology mount this week but I’ve not done Archeology since Mists of Pandaria because I could tell that I was burning out on dig sites.

My Guild Master this morning pointed out, “You’ve spent a lot more time on RNG mounts.” And this is very true. Ashes of Alar, Stonecore, Ony and on and on; I’ve done them and have them …. but I don’t ride them.

124 Elegon kills until I got the mount.

I am 745/810 in achievement points for Pet Battles. Do I really need to fill the bar?

“Filling the bar” was a surprise to WoW’s designers in MoP when they saw first-hand at what lengths players will go to simply fill the bar whether it is rep or mounts or toys or transmog gear (and, then, the entire set). Sometimes, I think in Legion that they are exploiting that need/urge but that’s another story for another day.

Keep an eye on yourself. Monitor how you feel about logging in and perhaps take a break. You’ll be surprised to see your character, weeks later, still in that one spot with those same quests. The game stops until you come back; that forward motion is a bit of an illusion.

Keep the peace. Read a book.

10 thoughts on “Burning Out On WoW

  1. Great post! Self care is really important. I find sometimes it really helps to take a step back and look at what I’m actually doing in game. Why am I logging in? Am I enjoying myself when I do log in? Do I actually have fun playing this game, or is it an obligation? I think so few people do this. They just feel frustration with the game without realising that they, perhaps, might be the problem. Blizzard can’t fix something that is a personal issue. They can only keep making a game that (hopefully!) people will enjoy.

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  2. I think when I say “I care less” about WoW right now, what I care less about is filling WoW’s bars. According to Wowhead’s character planner tool, I am 96% of the way to 150 mounts. I could care less. I’m 94.4% of the way to having all professions at 700. That will come when it comes. I do not need to rush out and fill those bars just because I’m so close. I have played this way far too long. It’s not really playing and ends up feeling like a job.

    I’m filling my own bars now and trying to be super diligent about not falling into the trap of “just a few more” for the sake of a few more.

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  3. That’s a great post and definitely something worth talking and thinking about. I’m a huge completionist so the urge to fill all the bars is strong for me. I’ve defiinitely felt burned out on facets of the game and had to take step back and reconsider what I’m doing. Planning helps, for example “I’ll get one more mount from the Argent Tournament and then take a month break from there.” Even if I start feeling burned out on those dailies, I know I only need to do them x more times and then I’ll do something else instead.

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  4. “WoW, hunnybear” – is fair. You’d never make this kind of ultimatum in healthy relationships. WoW or any other hobby is a part of a person, and what good will it make to make your partner put away anything he/she loves? He/she’d only hate you for that.

    Game could become an addiction when it ruins anything in your life: work, family, friendship while giving nothing in return. But that’s a clinical cause like any addiction and should be treated as such then.

    I can’t say I’m burning out – despite keeping up with many alts which means multiple repetitions of the same actions. There’s always something different to do from your routines even in WoW – run and one-shot an old raid, do Archaeology or pet battles, whatever. Or really you could do some world quest batch, run a dungeon or raid and take a break from the game.

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  5. I find myself now just doing what I feel like. Come Tuesday I will knock out the next LFR wing, and in 2 weeks the final. With Tuesday’s running I will be 49 of 50 for upgrading an Orange to 940, so will be finished with that. Only other thing on my radar is completing the Vikings rep. I’ll get it when I get it. And the occasional World boss. I do feel like I am just biding my time waiting for something that interests me to come along. The whole story just kind of stopped for me, and in two weeks advances one more page fighting Guldan. Beyond that? Just logging in, reading guild chat, making the odd enchant if needed. Tailoring is only good for making Draenor bags anymore. So every two days it’s a trip to the Garrison to pick up cloth orders. It’s an easy 850-950 gold every few days. I find myself with more money than I am use to having, with nothing really that I want to buy. I pick up the odd Tailoring or Enchanting recipe that pops up on the AH to complete those final missing. And I occasionally will run some older raid on 25 Heroic. Basically. I’m making my own fun I guess.

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