It’s A Proc-a-dile!

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

It’s a Proc-a-dile

And it’s going to bite you in the butt.

Currently, our AP dump in the final Paragon trait gives us a percentage boost. 0.5% might seem small but when your gear goes up, it goes up. This makes is necessary and important.

A 10% boost in healing in 870 gear vs 900 gear and the results begin to widen a whole lot. That is a rough game design if the encounters are numbers dependent and not mechanics dependent.

On the PTR for 7.2, and very likely to make it live is the New Solution. The final AP dump is in Concordance of the Nightfall which gives a Primary Stat boost but it is a proc.

Here is Death Knight from the PTR Artifact Calculator.

Concordance of the Legionfall
Artifact Trait
Rank 0/50
Approximately 1.37 procs per minute
Requires Death Knight (Blood)
Requires Maw of the Damned
Your abilities have a chance to trigger Concordance of the Legionfall, increasing your primary stat by 2,000 for 10 sec

The more traits that you pour into it, the higher that primary stat boost is in the proc. 2/50 gives 2,200 in the Primary Stat.

On MMO Champs is a blue post here.

In my opinion, which is not worth a nickel, players like Beast Mastery hunters will vamp until the proc to line it up with Bestial Wrath. And healers will probably ignore it for the most part.

AND, this is a long way away for us players. Not only is 7.2 months away but filling up your traits to be able to start dumping AP into the final sink will take a lot of time. Lining up cooldowns is no mystery to the players, the RNG of a proc might be a little stressful. It is only for 10 seconds, you might miss it!

“Proc” is not a word. No one knows for sure where it came from. Some think that early designers used it as short-hand for “triggering a process”. It is pronounced prawk.

Approximately 1.37 procs per minute in the tooltip could change. I hope it does. Maybe that proc rate will change per class. Assuming the next raid will mirror the current raid in fight lengths (starting short and quick and ramping up to longer ones) on some fights you might see it trigger the only once.

Blizzard said last summer when leading up to Legion that they wanted to get away from the Big Pull when everyone pre-pots, uses Hero and blows through all of their cooldowns to really hit the boss hard and early.

Even mid-fight in certain encounters, everyone lines up their cooldowns and saves their potion for a Heroic burn phase. Still, they changed how trinkets work in late WoD, as I recall, so players could not force the proc on their trinkets.

I imagine that with The Concordance of the Legion that players will want to use their potions and cooldowns on the Proc(!) rather than the burn phase! This would be a big shift in how we play and make encounters much more even and consistent.

In the Blue Post, Lore says, “Again, the goal here is to reduce the overall power gap.” You can strive to get ahead but you can’t leave others in the dust.

7 thoughts on “It’s A Proc-a-dile!

  1. Programmed Random Occurrence. It’s another way to say RNG.

    I am not looking forward to the next wave of AP grinding. I think I am 5 upgrades beyond our current max. I believe I am at level 39. I do not have it in me to grind all the way to 54. I see what some in guild have done and are just at 48. The expansion will be over by the time I am at or near maximum. So much of the design to me encourages bad behavior. Making players feel obligated to max AP, speed runs through Mythic dungeons to beat a timer. I just want to play well, and play right.

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