Power-Ups for Raiding

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Power-Ups for Raiding

I’ve been thinking about what you will think is obvious; how are we using our power-ups during a raid?

We have an array of choices from food buffs to potions to flasks. The biggest question is the potions and here is why:

At the Thrill of the Wild blog, we see a post on Legendaries as We Progress Through Legion. This guy is brilliant. Go read it.

In his post he makes the statement: “Finally, to ensure we’d keep feeling more powerful, they decided to leave the stat budget for our primary stat scaling exponentially, and only reduce the scaling to linearly for the secondary stats.”

This means that as we move forward from right now in Nighthold, our primary stat becomes more and more important than our secondary. So: the Lavish Feast which gives a primary stat will be better soon if not now than our secondary stat buff food.

It also makes me look a the potions.

What started me thinking about it is that the Potion of Prolonged Power lasts a full minute and I was wondering on fights that are short or have burn phases at the end if we are wasting precious seconds on the potion.

We also have special potions that deliver straight up DPS for a shorter time, 25 seconds; which by design we want to line up with Hero. But, my question is: for how long do we want to use these potions?

With the PoPP (Potion of Prolonged Power) we are given a whopping 2500 more in all of our primary stats. I’d be interested in Intellect but it boosts Strength and Agility as well.

It feels to me that we will want to use PoPP on the pull and on shorter fights, right when it is off cooldown for the next. On the longer fights, we’ll have to be more specific but we don’t want to waste it.

This would, using PoPP, make it much easier to line up with our cooldowns; perhaps chugging it even 30 seconds before we call for Hero if the stars align etc.

Also: I wonder if 7.2 will give us a new set of potions and food recipes to balance with our new power levels. Our Mana and Health pots might stay the same as our Mana pool isn’t going to get bigger (at least on Druids) but the Old War and Grace DPS pots might start to feel dinky.

Skorpyron, Chromatic Anomaly, Krosus are about five minutes and Spellblade, Trillax and the Botanist are around six. As we get stronger those fights will get shorter so that means that six out of ten fights in Nighthold that we should be using PoPP on the pull and then (probably) on cool-down. Several of them are “hero on pull” and so the throughput makes total sense unless you have a three minute cooldown on a big bang spell.

Right? Am I thinking this through correctly?

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