That Oddball in Azeroth

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
Julia Child

That Oddball in Azeroth

The wonderful thing about our current era is that we are allowed by society to embrace our quirks. We can be geeks and not hide our love for (anything) comic books or WoW or Phineas and Ferb or ABBA.

Roll Tide.

I’ll confess.

I watched all of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with the sound off and closed captioned so that I could focus on the choreography of Jack Cole.

A bit odd, don’t you think?

So, I am that odd dude in Val’Sharah; way off on a remote rock fishing where there are no pools. What is that guy doing? I’m probably watching a movie that I know really well and hoping for a crate of bobbers which make me even more odd for having such a rare toy.

Why did this guy pug into our raid? He’s run these bosses already this week and can not get loot. I’m probably going for the long shot, a crazy 15% at getting loot and at greater odds of getting a piece that I want: the bonus roll. Strange guy.

How is it that this guy is farming when everyone else is doing “real stuff”? I am listening to David Bromberg, my second favorite musician and never (ever) want to wait to start raiding. Bam – Lavish Feast. Bam – Spirit Cauldron. Let’s gooooooo.

With ten million players in WoW, we are not that far off in the fringes of society. I like it. I like the family that plays together. I like the Tmog fanatics and Mount collectors and Achievement hunters; my kind of odd ball!

And then … the really odd ducks. Some people blog about playing WoW. Okay, now we are looking into some dusty corners! Who ARE these people?

Stuffed Mushrooms

I learned to make Stuffed Mushrooms from the Betty Crocker’s Cook Book that had belonged to my grandmother. It is a fairly elaborate recipe; you melt some butter in a sauce pan and add diced mushroom stems, crackers and some bits: and, at the same time, you melt more butter in a baking dish and eventually cook it all in the oven. Delicious!

Since then, I’ve learned to make some really simple stuff. While not so high-end, it can be pretty satisfying.

Preheat oven to 320.
Put aluminum foil on a cookie sheet.
Pop the mushroom stems out and eat them!
Lay out the mushrooms and put some cheddar cheese in the cup.
Cook for about 15 and check to see if it is nicely melted.

I’ve tried relish, salsa, ranch dressing, bacon; just about anything. Quick and easy. Salsa can be too wet but I eat it anyway.

2 thoughts on “That Oddball in Azeroth

  1. I love stuffed mushrooms. I learnt the recipe from a south african woman.. oh gosh she can cook. Her recipe is to put a bit of garlic butter in the cup, followed by fruit chutney then grated cheese. A
    Simply amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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