Starting to Peak

“Education is our only political safety. Outside of this ark all is deluge.” Horace Mann

Starting to Peak

My Druid is 52/54 on the Traits for the weapon. Hitting 54 sometime in the next two weeks and then the over-flow will begin on my Off-Specs. I have the other three Artifact weapons but I don’t play those specs.

Having gained my two healing Legendaries and my four-piece; beyond the upgrades from natural raiding, it is beginning to feel like this character is done. No need to run Emissary quests or Weekly World bosses or Mythic Plus runs.

Our guild Raid Tab has five stacks of twenty Lavish Feasts and I have 13 Spirit Cauldrons on my Druid. I have farmed and now begin to look beyond the horizon.

My Alchemist only needs one more Rank 3 for flasks and that RNG is elusive and sometimes frustrating. The same with gathering, that desired Profession Rank 3 is locked behind a roll of weighted dice.

The machine will continue to roll. But dialing back on my ambitions will be a new welcome state of play.

My Druid has bumped up against the Court of Stars and The Arcway for questing in Suramar. I think I must have three or four quests in each dungeon! Just two weeks ago everyone was clambering for me to get the entry quests but they seem to be all done. Our guild isn’t asking anymore, so … ugh … Pug City.

And that is that! I’m not the only one to be finishing up. Having seen the sites and dabbled in the trenches, it is time to relax on the reins in the World of Warcraft.

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