A Pug Life

“The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.”
Joan Rivers

A Pug Life

I am on two raid teams. One is solid with a group of around 17, it goes up and down over the life of a raid. The other is our guild team which is full of fun people and we are all over the place; we changed raid nights and times and everyone seems lost. It is not a bad thing because we are having fun.

Our guild team has a bunch of players who raid with other teams or run high mythic plus dungeons and are along because our company is great. We don’t mind bringing Puggers at all.

It is funny how many Puggers have a main who run mythic raids but don’t know how to avoid the fire on the ground.

Last night, our main tank was the main tank from my solid raid team but on his alt. This guy is strong and proud of his skills and knowledge of each fight; why he is willing to put up with our goofy and chaotic style, I don’t know. On the surface he is soft-spoken and very focused; taciturn. I think he can be exasperated easily with players who wander off the path. He “feels” grumpy but I have no evidence.

I love healing in Pugs. Most healers won’t go there but it is a sure test of my skills. Like the LFR, you never (ever) know what someone might do and you have to ride the wave to be ready to heal through the strangest combinations. I do think that ALL healers should get that Priest thing where you can yank someone out of the fire.

Our main tank last night, formerly grumpy and terse says (leading up to Star Augur trash), “Hey Wrath, I’m going to do something stupid.”

Me, “Bring it.”

He pulls all the mobs! I dashed under the big haste dome and jacked up some mighty heals. We survived! And … could it be that he’s having fun?

I sometimes make a big deal about serving up the Lavish Feast for these Pug raids. You know that no one is bringing their own stuff. I go all martyr and lament needing to do the bacon quests on all of my Alts and farming all day for everyone. It is overly-dramatic and tongue-in-cheek and I’m goofing on it.

Running up the stairs to the Star Augur, I park in the room and drop a Lavish Feast. Several join me. But … but, some pugger pulled some extra mobs downstairs; how? Why? I start my commentary about slowing us down and … the pugger drags the mobs up into the room! Gracious.

The boss gets pulled.

It is a mess! We die but those living drag the mobs BACK down the stairs and as we release are faced with mobs around the bottom stairs. It takes a while for everything to settle back down. We run up to the boss and I said, “Okay, I’ll put down ANOTHER Lavish Feast.”

My main tank opens a trade window with me and gives me ….

One slice of bacon.

I laughed out loud.
And it shut me up.

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