The Guild Chat Line

“The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.”
Rodney Dangerfield

The Guild Chat Line

You Must Choose over at Deezwurds brings up one of my favorite topics: Guild Dynamics.

In my reply to his post, I wrote that the guild chat line is the oil for the machinery. I think it is worth repeating because we can get lost in our own noodles when trying to figure out this goofy game.

I agree that “lol” and “grats” are pretty stupid. And over-done and twice-baked and often-mocked. Still, it is one of the tools that we have. You don’t really Laugh Out Loud so much as acknowledging that you read what they wrote, that is all — but it is necessary.

You and I, we are smart people. I know that you are doing the same thing that I am which is feeding life into the Guild Dynamic. Posting a new piece of gear with a whoo-hoo or cursing RNG or “ding!”-ing your progress is important. By not “working the crowd”, you only make your world smaller and smaller.

The Achievement system is brilliant because it flashes on our guild chat line. The same, now, with new mounts and Legendaries. A very visible proof that we are, in a sense, advancing along in the game and a guild should reward those players with praise in a simple: grats. Silly, yes; necessary, yes.

I have my own style. When I log in, I say “hi all”. If someone says hi to me, I say “ahoy”. If it is a big achievement like dinging 110 or getting a Legendary, I type “grats-a-rama!”. If I get a grats, I respond “woot” or “woot woot” if it is a big one. When people say good bye, I write “toodles”. The Guild Chat Line is all that we have.

If you are chatty-cathys, like we all are; you will get the whispers asking for help or advice or information. And the communication escalates!

Especially us bloggers and those who read blogs; we are informed. We know more about what is happening in the game than our guildies. I would argue that it is our Duty to offer up known information to keep our players healthy.

One of the things that I fight, which is hard to do, is the appearance of our Officers or Raiders being an exclusive club; separate and elite in the guild. We tend to hang out in Discord before, during and after a raid which is hours long. We tend to have long whispered conversations as we plan to party up to do stuff. And only if we are one short do we offer a place in guild chat.

Players should look forward to you logging on. Your chirpy personality is welcome even if ignored. Grease the skids, oil the cogs, smooth the groove and add a little nonsense to your guild chat line.

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