My Arcway and the CoS

Gaston: Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking.
Lefou: A dangerous pastime.
Gaston: I know!
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

My Arcway and the CoS

Am I the only one who, when invited to CoS, that thinks it might be a timed Bronze Drake run?

Even though I had quests for The Arcway and the Court of Stars before I could actually enter the dungeon (I think it was getting Exalted), I finally got the quests in Suramar and even had an Engineering quest as well.

Two of our raiders had heard me talking with another guildie and offered to take me through, which was great! They decided that we were over-geared and so we went with a tank, healer and two dps.

The guys were awesome. They explained the beacons that you turn off and the special guard that you kill before face a boss. They pointed out trouble spots in each dungeon that can catch you off guard.

It was a good run and I’m glad it is over. I must’ve sat on that quest for three weeks.

Two more chapters in Suramar and I’ll have Pathfinder, well before 7.2 — which was my deadline.

Does the speed boost from getting Pathfinder stack on top of the guild perk speed bonus?

Suramar. I think that if it was a game within itself that I’d really enjoy it. If I spent months playing in there; finding my way, learning the tricks, figuring out all of the different levels: I’d really like it. It has a lot of “design” in that city.

I don’t mind a challenge and fighting my way through enemies to reach a goal is pretty fun. Fighting enemies only to reach a dead end in an alley isn’t so much fun.

So far, in all, a good experience. I’m glad I waited just a little bit for higher gear before tackling the place; going in as a fresh 110 must be a challenge-and-a-half!


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