“She realizes she doesn’t know as much as God but feels she knows as much as God knew when he was her age.”
Dorothy Parker


I can see the dip in interest in Legion. It must be a time of lull. I typically log in about ten minutes before the Daily Reset and, for the first time in months and months, no one in our guild was on!

Before our first pull last night, our team was working on the Heroic version of Nighthold, one player mentioned that he had to drag himself away from Zelda. Another player said the same and we waited, oh so patiently, while they chatted about another game and compared notes.

Several of us have agreed to meet tonight to run Heroes of the Storm for the WoW mount. I wonder if the timing of this event is to fit into the lull in the World of Warcraft. Two of the players tonight are very eager to get me involved! Hmmmm.

I see the lull in one other place and that is players who once came super-prepared for raiding now whisper me, asking for potions and flasks. The interest is dropping and, I think, that they are logging into raid but little else.

It is now March which means that Blizzard has sustained Legion for a solid seven months. That is pretty darn good. The dip in players running the Daily stuff feels recent and today, I skipped running any Emissary stuff on any of my characters. Enough is enough.

Where do I look up and find when the PvP season will end? That is usually a good clue for when a patch will arrive. Being a constantly subbed player, one of my frustrations is not knowing when (even a ballpark) a major patch will drop means that I can not plan like I would like to plan. If I knew 7.2 was going to drop in April vs July, that is a lot of time where I could make directional decisions.

Me? I’ll keep playing WoW. I’m too cheap to buy and play another game! My fifteen dollars a month subscription fits perfectly into my entertainment budget. Still, we all can use a break and then return with fresh eyes; now might be the time!

8 thoughts on “Lull-a-bye

  1. Yesterday, a friend that is living with us, not only unsubbed, but uninstalled the game. He stayed longer than he thought, does not even have Pathfinder for flying. He got his one +15 run, has half of Nighthold Heroic, and is just done with it. His words basically.

    The $15 a month is too much. I paid with gold for a good chunk of the past 6 months, making gold was not to difficult. But trying to have food and flask, potions, and to make near 90k for a sub? It is taking to much of my time. I don’t know if I will ever play again.

    Personally for me? I think I logged in for a bit on Thursday.


  2. Argh I swear I can’t be the only person in the game who feels that 7.2 is far far too close if these predictions of April/May are accurate. I have many alts to still level, pet battles to catch up on, I might finally just be on the brink of dipping my feet into proper M NH raiding … 7.2 can’t come yet it’s too soon. Too Soon!

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