The Healer Paradigm

“The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie.”
Agnes de Mille

The Healer Paradigm

Long ago, Healers got stereo-typed. Just like “loser kids in Mom’s basement” the facts proved the stereotype wrong. Not all Healers are shy, standing in the back and timid. Nor are they all Moms or women, nor are the specs so simplified that they are unchallenging. That stereotype was broken, flawed, lame and stupid.

Healers are fierce and are riding the up and down waves of an encounter with zero down-time.

I know that the DPS take time out to type in chat or hang back on trash pulls. A Healer can not afford that at all, what a luxury! How entitled! Even Tanks are vamping, waiting to taunt or for a cooldown. And I mean no disrespect for the lesser roles. It is that Healers are hard-core in every situation.

It is a satisfying rush to be on top of it for three hours. It can be exhausting too. When, after a night of raiding, players are rushing to even more content; they can’t understand that I’m tired!

We make a difference. We can see the immediate effects of our spells. Unlike a nine minute fight where the DPS can not really “see” the health bar go down, our Healing lives are dynamic, in the moment and crucial for every second of the raid.

It is true, on progression and learning new fights, we Healers can often have tunnel vision on our raid frames — but even then we can see the fight. Once we clear progression, we see the fights as well as any ranged player.

Sometimes, it is kind of fun to really see which players suck. Constantly dying to stupid stuff; “rez me, bro”. We know which players can really play, often we know their job better than they do!

If you dare to play a role that is fully engaging: try Healing.

In WoD, it was pretty strict with raid composition. 2/3/7 and then 2/4/9 and so on. In Legion, we tackled the first wing in Heroic at 2/3/12. Think on that.

When we hit Spellblade, we began wiping. Was it the new mechanics? Finally someone asked if we had enough Healers. Then they said, “Wait, we did the first wing in Heroic at 2/3/12?”

You are welcome.

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