That Magnifying Glass

“My passions, concentrated on a single point, resemble the rays of a sun assembled by a magnifying glass: they immediately set fire to whatever object they find in their way.”

Marquis de Sade

That Magnifying Glass

I feel like my account is an Ant Hill of activity. Sometimes that mean Blizzard takes it’s Magnifying Glass and focuses the sun until everyone is panicked and running in circles and there is mayhem.

I have some sad crispy Alts, dead on the hill.

Eventually, everything settles down and my Ants are marching in tune; one by one, two by two and making my Ant Hill bigger again. Until that kid comes back.

There can be many goals in this game. Different for each person and player, the goals can shift quickly or get redirected by the designers. One typical goal is Completion; filling up those Rep bars, finishing quest lines, collecting those pets, killing the bosses, getting achievements and transmog gear.

This is one reason that I like to read blogs on WoW. I can see how others are approaching the same game that I own but are playing it differently! How cool is that. Each and every choice is valid and I applaud them all.

My Ant Hill likes routine. The hum and rhythm of the hive must be active and have at least the illusion of productivity.

Here is my Reminder List when the Magnifying Glass has scattered the Royal We.

  • Transmog is forever, collecting something new is always worth it.
  • All materials depreciate over the length of an expansion, try not to stockpile: sell that stuff.
  • If you have Alts, try to have a gold making plan. Examples:
    • Run the Argent Tourney and sell the Enchanted Broom.
    • Run garrison missions and sell materials or bags.
    • Keep an eye out for Satchel runs, good for a quick 800 gold.
    • Sell the Current Achievement. For example, Raiding with Leashes pets from this expansion.
  • You will probably make the most gold simply by playing, don’t make it a mini-game in itself — keep it as a side project.
  • Remember why you are here! You are a hero tasked in a land heavy in lore and lush in story and steeped in quests. Whether you see yourself as a Mercenary or a follower of the Light, know your role and play the game.

It is easy to let your Alts dominate your play, building a huge Ant Hill. I like it a lot! However, I have to re-focus my Main to finish Suramar. I can’t let that burning distraction of the Magnifying Glass unsettle my “why” of playing; trying to solve many professions, for example.

The next patch will be a wild time. With flying, the Gathering professions will become much easier and prices will fall and we’ll be able to make enough “stuff” to not spend the same hours that we did before.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the Patch Notes. If there is anything that I can see that people will want, whether it is materials or achievements: I’d like to provide that … after getting it all for myself!

With 7.2 and the “Tanaan style” gearing us up for the Tomb of Sargeras, that magnifying glass will have us scattered all over the territory. I need to get my stuff finished in 7.1.5 right away!

2 thoughts on “That Magnifying Glass

  1. One advantage to only playing one is you don’t need to relearn a mountain of changes when they focus the sun on you. But the downside is if they get you in the crosshairs, there is no hiding. Using your kid metaphor, I think I have grown tired of the kid knocking over my home. It was hard once an expansion, but I’ve already seen one shake up to talents, and they have indicated there will be another for 7.2ish. So now I’ve gone to build a home under the concrete sidewalk, and hope I avoid being noticed. šŸ˜Š

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