How Big of a Reset?

“There’s no man in town as admired as you
You’re ev’ryone’s favorite guy
Ev’ryone’s awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see why.”

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

How Big of a Reset?

I am a-thinking that the first weeks of 7.2 will be a game-wide reset.

In this I mean that on a power level, everyone will be a lot more even leading up to entering the new raid.

As it is, most players are nearing the cap of 54 traits on their Artifact. And it is raining Artifact Power right now if you run a dungeon or raid (or pvp). The 54 trait cap leaves you at a 15% boost to your spells. After the reimbursement, our first trait will be into a 10% boost which means that even if you did not cap — you are the same as everyone else.

In the 7.2 patch, our Artifact Power will have a higher arc to achieve each trait and a smaller difference. No one will be way way ahead of you even if they are WoW junkies.

There is a “Tanaan-style” gearing catch up involving tokens and Nethershards (of which you might have 30 left over from the Invasions). I don’t know what the gear looks like or how it works but I suspect that it will make us all ready for the Tomb raid. I’d guess just a few ticks above Heroic Nighthold gear.

Anything can happen! Do you have an Alt at 110 that you wish to switch to as your main raiding character? Say, Resto-Druid to Holy Priest? Why not? Can’t play as much as the raiders in your guild? You can easily make the requirements for the new raid.

I believe that 7.2 is being treated like we old players are used to seeing for the last raid on an expansion. The Frozen Halls for ICC were three dungeons meant to gear us up for Ice Crown; same with the End Time Dungeons leading up to Deathwing and the Tanaan Jungle for HFC.

Even though this is mid-expansion, the Devs are re-balancing the teeter-totter so that No Player Left Behind is a good solution. Even chilling out now until 7.2 comes is a viable and relaxing mode of play.

If you have been walking with pride, showing off your fancy gear or if you have been thumbing your nose at the whole power scene: 7.2 will empower and humble us all.


5 thoughts on “How Big of a Reset?

  1. I guess I’m ready with my alts. The new “get-ready” dungeon drop is gonna be 845 on heroic – and we already get this gear via world quests.

    The new LFR requirements would likely be no more than 850 compared to The Nighthold’s 835 barrier – and my toons are already there even without much Nighthold gear.

    I only wish I had a chance to collect more gear from the raids before the patch drops. As we’ve just had Gul’dan available, putting a patch live in 3-4 weeks would be merciless.

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  2. I gave up on the AP chase. I think I may be 3 level ups past placing that last one in to complete all the slots. When I get AP, I just click on it and let it build until I can go back and get that next 0.5% When you look at people like me sitting at a 6.5% bonus playing a class that has been balanced around people at max 15%? I struggle enough as it is. For me the entire expansion, even what is coming, is just biding my time until what comes next. I have found myself these past several weeks having more evenings where I don’t log in over logging in just to do a few things. There is plenty to do if you are into Mythic + Dungeons, but they are not for me. I know my skill level, my tolerance for people pulling entire rooms, or trying to skip packs of mobs just to save a few seconds. And I just wont be the one to hold others back.

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      • It is a hope I have, but I’m not counting on it. I will be happy to just have what I have, without having to relearn a whole new way to play. I know I will always be well behind. I just don’t have the will or desire any more to try to keep up. And when all of the guides and suggestions are based on having a certain level of stats and gear? When you are no where close, it becomes a moot point. Why bother researching when you don’t have the gear or skill to do what’s recommended.


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