54/54 Traits: No Achievement.

“My curves are not crazy.”
Henri Matisse

54/54 Traits: No Achievement

Collecting Artifact Power for powering up your Artifact Weapon is like Zenos Paradox. No matter how big a jump, the arrow will always be half-way closer but never arrive.

I arrived! For me, it was a big deal and an accomplishment. Also, having seen so many other Artifact achievements, I expected a ding. No such luck, clearly it was not in the design and we know that it will be taken away.

They tell us to not save AP, so I’m pouring left-overs into my Balance weapon. And then Feral … and then Guardian, I suppose.

But, I wonder. With 7.2 on the brink, what would happen if I save the Insurrection quests (with some big AP rewards) until after the patch drops? I think that there is a quest (Balance of Power?) that rewards one million AP. I wonder.

Expectations are that with the refund of AP, rolling us back to 34 traits, that we will be able to spend, perhaps, three points into traits.

You can find the Artifact Calculator here.

Clearly, the mandatory first trait will be spent in Grace of the Cenarion Circle. I see no “fourth step” traits available from the stock Artifact. I also know that they rolled back on their promise of Relics impacting two traits. All I see now is the side Branch and a very linear progression.

Resto-Druids are not happy at all with their special trait, Deep Rooted. It is a bad design and one can only hope that we’ll see a new attack on the solution before the very upcoming 7.2 patch.

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