Wandering About Azeroth

“No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.”
Abraham Lincoln

Wandering About Azeroth

I watched with interested the Matt Goss, Legion Itemization show on Twitch yesterday. After an hour, it seemed that there was no news.

I’m fine with that, Process can be interesting too. He seemed like a nice guy who is very invested in his work. Good things all around. We learned that they talk about trinkets a lot.

Sometimes, in WoW, there is this feeling of so much to do. And, sometimes, I’m content to let it all coast. I like not being driven but chasing the things that interest me.

Satchel Runs are not what they used to be, originally they could drop a rare mount. Today it is 833g and an Augment Rune and about 80k in Artifact Power. Where once it was a insta-cue, today one can sit for 20 minutes as they find a place for you. Still, I like to run them sometimes. You can see some odd behavior!

I always wondered what happened to the more vapid perky cheerleaders from high school. Today I turned on my television and found them all on morning talk shows.

I am a bit tired of Herbing, even with movies to watch. As Druid Resto, I run with Mass Entanglement and Ursol’s Vortex; as Balance, I run with Mass Entanglement and the Treants. With my bodyguard, I almost never stop my continuous paths; I just run right through everything.

If I read it right, Kara will be split into two sections and can be cued via the random dungeon finder. The same with Arcway and Court of Stars. If they would just make that mechanic (LFD) for base-line Mythic dungeons: I’d be a happy player.

In 7.2, all of the dungeons will be dialed up in difficulty. At this point, it is hard to imagine running and running those same dungeons; a bit nauseating really. If I were the King of Blizzard, I would have added a new boss to each dungeon too.

It was startling to hear WatchDev, months ago, call running the same material as “content”. My feeling has always been that content was something new to explore, like quest lines or zones. If running dungeons over and over is “content” then they sure did beat the hell out of their content! He said that if you run the content (meaning emissary caches, dungeons, mythic plus, raids) that you will get your Legendary. We need a new name for that stuff, it feels like bait and switch.

I’m to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow. Where Disney, when making Cinderella, had the evil step-mother top-billed with Cate Blanchett: I will be curious if there is a strong character in BatB who can make the conflicts feel energetic.


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