The Guild Vault: Legion

“I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time.”

Steven Wright

The Guild Vault: Legion

Every expansion changes the needs for a vault that can be offered to a guild.

For the abundance of easy mats in WoD, we had tabs dedicated to Agility, Intellect and Strength. Those tabs had some leveling gear for new 91s but a true service with columns and columns of Pre-pot style power potions and health potions.

For Legion, we completely re-vamped the Vault; trying to assess the needs of our members and what can be provided.

Tab One is always a sort of dumping ground and catch all. It seems to be that way for all guilds and we give easy access to our newest members. We try to keep one or two columns full of Goblin Glider Kits; they are very popular now — at least until we can fly in 7.2.

Our new Tab Two is for Questing and Xmog. This is all the gear that has been dumped on us and how we politely respect that. And all that leveling food!

Our new Tab Three is truly based in Legion, Mythic Plus.

We stocked our new tab for our Mythic Plus Dungeoneers to easily pick up some stuff. And we know that we can’t supply all the high end things.

  • Two columns of Dried Mackerel Strips
  • One column of Fighter Chow. This is because some groups like to run without a healer, especially the lower end Mythic Plus runs.
  • Three columns of Drums of Fury; stacks of 20. All old Dreanor mats, easily done!
  • Three columns of Dreanic Invisibility Potions; stacks of 20. Again, old Dreanor mats. I made a bunch of them and then sold a bunch on the AH too.
  • One column (stacks of four) of Auto-Hammer for easy repairs. This is the only column that was a bit costly and we’ll see if we can maintain it.

I spent a lot of time going over the Legion Mythic Plus Dungeons Guide by Raid Advice. We owe huge thanks for this well-written guide.

Tab Four is now for Toys and Pets.

Our other tabs are the same but cleaned up. Mats, Raiding, Party and Prizes. In fact, I’d say it’s time for another Scavenger Hunt or Tmog Contest!

Making the transition into a new Expansion is a learning curve for serving up a Guild Vault. I am very pleased that we have a whole tab just for our Mythic Plus guys! C’mon 7.2!


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