Patch 7.2: March 28th

“Step right up, step right up, step right up,
Everyone’s a winner, bargains galore.”

Tom Waits

Patch 7.2: March 28th

Well, well, well. You can find the trailer here, posted up by MMO Champs. A big cup of awesomesauce.

Yesterday’s Dev Chat was a pretty good one. Especially because it ended with the trailer and the release information.

The Good: This patch is being described as the largest content patch in the history of the World of Warcraft.

The Good: There will be plenty to do. New zone, new rep, advancing our Artifact weapon, flying, exploration and so much more.

The Good: Flying will not be earned for at least two weeks and probably (for me) three or four weeks before I earn the list needed. Flying will be account-wide, baby!

The Good: Some things will, thankfully, be spread out. Order Hall quests, the next stages, will come once a week as a task spanning eleven weeks, as I recall. Time gating will keep this patch alive.

The Good: Plenty of oddball things like Fishing Bosses(?) and a new Pet Battle Dungeon. What a goofy thing to add to our game and there is plenty more to discover.

The Good: Along with our immediate access to a new dungeon; the new raid, Tomb of Sargeras will open later; maybe a month or two. So, we will be newly empowered with our updated Artifact weapons and traits to continue to tackle Nighthold for a little bit longer and stronger.

It is not a spoiler to talk now about those buildings that we will build as a realm. Three different buildings, each gives a buff or three like perks, they last for three days and then are destroyed by the Legion. A one day break and then they can be built again. Clearly this should not be something that we grind on but materials we happen to gain while doing our regular questings, world quests, rare bosses and stuff.

Eventually we will get an additional Follower and an extra slot, somewhere along the Order Hall quests I’d think. We do know that the follower gear will go from 850 to 900 — there is nothing stopping us from doing missions for gear now in anticipation.

The Good: If this is a bloated patch with a ton of content, then I know I can’t do it all! I can relax, do what interests me, follow the story and the lore. If it were a small patch, I’d feel compelled to complete everything given.

The Fun: Twice in the Dev Chat, the guy pointed at the screen and said the future was up to us! They are trying some experimental things; like the realm-wide buildings and the pet battle dungeon and the choice to continue with things like this will depend on our interest. I like that a lot.

The Unknown: There is so much stuff coming that it could be best to let it come to you. Discover the Invasion scenarios in each zone as they happen, find the new world bosses, open up the roads and flight points by running around, be delighted by a surprise achievement.

I started by trying to create mental columns. An Artifact Weapon column with its list of directions, an Order Hall column so I can keep up with that list, Exploration, Questing and on and on. No need really. I think we’ll be just fine. There is little chance of anyone racing too far ahead and there are built-in mechanics if you take a month off from WoW.

Tuesday is a big day. I am looking forward to it very much.

One thought on “Patch 7.2: March 28th

  1. I was not thrilled realizing I will have to farm up 600 resources every week just to keep the 3 buildings going. I believe you need at least one of them for new world quests, and for the world bosses. That world bosses will only be up for 30 minutes means I will probably miss out on a great deal of them, much like Tannan Jungle.

    The Mage Tower Artifact challenge mode to unlock appearances was immediately tossed aside by me when they said the best players in the best gear would have a difficult time. It is highly doubtful I will even attempt. The 11 week class mount I am even considering skipping. Or at most waiting for a few weeks to build up, then knocking out a bunch of quests in one shot. My biggest fear is they put some thing you have to get by running Mythic dungeons, or Normal or higher raids. If that happens, I’m out. I will stay subbed, because I have to, but I am beyond frustrated with the shear amount of things pushed into higher level dungeons and raids. I do not enjoy the stress from them any more. I suck at my class, and feel I am asking to be carried if I go with a group. No one wants to be bottom DPS by a wide margin.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to vent. I’m just a bit upset that this could be what pushes me away.

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