Prepped for 7.2

“The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.”
Shirley MacLaine

Prepped for 7.2

It is in a pleasant world that we of Azeroth now live. We have a major patch coming in a few days. Our data-mining sites like Wowhead and MMO Champs have full lists of changes and also very welcome preparation guides.

The designers have gotten much better so we do not have to rely so much on the third-party sites. I expect a fairly linear and transparent experience with a clear list of expectations and goals.

Addon developers have improved and are fairly savvy. Where once it was a sure bet that all of our Addons would be broken and slowly fixed over the first month of a patch, many addons seem to be already in place; echoing the changes that will come to our desktop game.

As a casual player, I do worry about running on some tangent and not focusing on a priority. I sort of know that Rep will be important but I don’t know if that should be something to track with diligence. I am aware that our Order Hall and Artifact Weapon will have new quests and features, but surely that will be part of the “obvious” quests that we see.

During Burning Crusade there was some item that you could collect and then sell on the Auction House for gold. Gold was hard to earn. I remember one guy in our guild discovering that he had been deleting this item because it had filled his limited bag space for months and months, not knowing that it was a gold-maker. That shock (and embarrassment) is something I do not want to experience.

One thing is clear in Legion; there is too much to finish. This can worry us long-time players because goals can get lost and forgotten. Now and then I remember that there is a “the Gullible” title out there that I’d love to have. Titles are for the life-time of our characters. But then there is always something more important to do instead of looking up where to find that quest chain.

Can we tap out yet? Can we bow to Blizzard and admit that they have proven that they can give us non-stop content (no matter how we define “content”)?

Once upon a time, in this theater, I had this guy promise me that “the bench will be ready, even if the paint is still drying on Opening Night”. I got a new guy. The deadline is not Opening Night, the deadline is when the actors need to work with the prop so that they are never hampered in their job; acting. My point is this: I don’t want to finish stuff just before a new patch like 7.2, I want to enjoy playing with the results of my efforts for a while before discarding them to move to new things.

In 7.1.5, I wanted to get to the point where all my reputations were exalted and a thing of the past. I wanted to down the raid bosses and finish the story. I wanted to have invested in World Quests to the point where I could pick and choose, if I had the whim, to go run them. And more, of course; I do think I succeeded for the majority of lists — still, there is unfinished business on the Broken Isles and I know I’ll be driven to the new area. And still yearn to go back — maybe flying this time!

What is important, and then a priority, for you? Flying, gearing, questing, repping, completing lines, collecting, leveling, professions, helping others, dungeons, invasions, scenarios, battles, tmog, lore, story and more are all “right there” on patch day. Which direction will you go?

3 thoughts on “Prepped for 7.2

  1. I have resisted pushing to finish because of past experience with content droughts. That is an issue that will take a long time to overcome. There was a great deal of trust lost.

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  2. I will concentrate on getting flying because everything is much easier for me if I can fly. And the class-specific content because that’s what I enjoy the most in Legion and I don’t want to get it spoiled so I’d have to start that early.

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