Patch 7.2: The Overture

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Douglas Adams

Patch 7.2: The Overture

Story Time:
When I was a young man, up and coming as they say, I was hired to be the Stage Manager for a Ballet Company. I worked there for two seasons and it was a lot of fun. As a fairly high-end company, they hired the symphony orchestra to play in the pit.

I had stage managed plays and musicals a-plenty. My first ballet, they gave me a copy of the score … and I don’t read music. The show opened with the overture and then the curtain would rise and would seamlessly lead into Act I. My problem: how do I know when to call the curtain to rise?

I went and asked the conductor if he would cue me. Now, this simply isn’t done. Even then I knew that you do NOT mess with the conductor in any way. These guys have a head full of music and are in another world. This guy though, agreed to cue me; he would simply point his baton at my wing and I’d call the curtain.

After a couple of rehearsals, we had our trust. Now, he would cue me and very flamboyantly sweep is arms wide and then LIFT as the curtain would rise! It was great. What a ham!

Yesterday and today, we have seen the overture to 7.2. All of the main themes, the motifs, the under score and the urgent rhythm that we can anticipate for the full of this patch.

The opening sequence was great, I participated and often led the way as waves of my compadres hit the Broken Shores. I enjoyed my Artifact Weapon quest and even turned around and did a completely different version on my hunter! Fantastic.

I have always quested as Resto-Druid, in my heal spec. I like it. I don’t die. Still, I experienced waves of imps who put me to the test. Today, I learned that even at 110 that we are still experiencing scaling. The mobs scale to our ilevel! I am no brute and I think this will slow me down and be a challenge as we enter Act I of this patch.

Several times yesterday, I simply ported back to Dalaran and goblin glided down the Broken Shore to find my quest or flight point. If we fly in three weeks, please don’t think less of me for this quick cheat.

I can’t find out how to do my Class Hall Research to open a new follower and eventually additional AP for World Quests. The mouse-over said I needed a certain achievement, which when looked up on Wowhead led to a dead-end. I guess it might be time-gated?

Our realm is pushing for the Mage Tower. This morning it was at 2%, the day after everyone and their Alt was running in the Broken Shore. I think these towers may take much longer to build than we thought.

I think that once you have started your Artifact Knowledge research and opened up your Artifact Weapon traits that you can relax. All the other stuff will come together; enjoy the journey and peek behind the bookcases and over the ledges.

I still have the Pet Battle Dungeon waiting and the new Cathedral Dungeon to do also. It will be fun, fun, fun.

Looking through several blogs today, I see the writers seem to be mostly happy. Lets stay informed! Now, if you can find how to unlock the new Underlight Angler appearance, let me know ….

2 thoughts on “Patch 7.2: The Overture

  1. As of this evening, I went there for the first time skipping yesterday. And I am glad I did. If I had faced scaled mobs such as they were, Legion would have gone on a shelf to collect dust. Late this afternoon they started making adjustments. When I got there and started exploring around, I found a statue. A quick click and I had a 20% to all stats buff. Wandering around a cave surrounded by Murlocs I found another, this one corrupted by the Legion. Ok I said. I remember this. This is Timeless Isle stuff. Heading back up the path the first statue was back up. This time it was +5000 Haste. Oh I liked that. I did a few Khadgar quests, went back to Dal, to the Class Hall, oh back track he gives you a quest to find a scroll the map shows it right there. But actually it’s in a cave below. Head out and around the road clockwise you will find it. Taking that back to the hall unlocked the next research which now I see quests offering over 500,000 AP. I called it quits before I got to far. Tomorrow I will help my wife catch up.

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