Busy on the Broken Shore

“Ride like the wind, Bullseye.”

Busy on the Broken Shore

The toughest battle in WoW turns out to be the temptation to flip through all of my 110 Alts to get all of the things done all at the same time when I need to focus on my Main and focus on the details. I do pretty well and then … find myself working on some side-line thing on an Alt. And, really, it doesn’t suck. I’m having fun.

The Broken Shore is working well for me. Mostly it is fun and mainly not over-whelming. My rep bar is full of Friendly, I’m saving Nethershards for the future rep-gated toy and I even partied up and did some farming in the shadow of the Demon space ship!

I have a feeling that, like Timeless Coins, that I’ll end up with a bunch and we’ll all be saying things like “account bound please”.

We raid tonight! After a full Normal clear on Reset Day, now all of us will have uptraited our Artifact Weapons and be “this” much stronger. I know we’ll nail the first wing and then kill the guy at the end of the dock. We’ve spent a LOT of time on Tich and hopefully with a little more juice, we’ll down him tonight.

If the soothsayers are correct, we’ll see the Tomb in 11 weeks after our Order Hall Campaign. So, 11 weeks to work on Ahead of the Curve! That is fine with me!

A bunch of us were on Discord last night, solving the world’s problems. The topic was the new rep stuff for beyond exalted in each of the zones. I want this mount please.

I’ll gladly run every WQ in Val’Sharah until patch 8.0.


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