Reasonably Rewarded

“Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?”
Jeff Foxworthy

Reasonably Rewarded

When a case goes to court; the judge, jury and lawyers do not need to learn all the technical issues of a specific field. The canny lawyers ask, “What would a Reasonable Man do?” Would a Reasonable Man put a 18′ ladder on wheels? (Answer: Industry Standard). Would a Reasonable Man carry 50 pounds of pyrotechnics in a back-pack? (Answer: No, and this guy is in trouble!)

The concept of a Reasonable Man is a profound one. In general, even in WoW, I would guess that you and I want to be considered a Reasonable Man.

I’m doing the Insurrection quests in Suramar and I am loving them. My Main must be 3/9 chapters and I want to go back. However, I’m thinking that a Reasonable Man would wait for flying and enjoy the full story without the grief of slogging through waves of mobs.

It is clear that we can get caught up in the AP grind. A Reasonable Man would let the Artifact Knowledge research do the heavy lifting and wait a few weeks to grind. In this, I am an Unreasonable Man! I’m too caught up in the excitement of the new content and potential.

A Reasonable Man would focus on the new Broken Shore rep and then go get a sandwich and a newspaper. A Reasonable Man would do the four Invasions for the Pathfinder and wait for flying to do anything else.

Face it, perhaps two or three weeks from now, everyone will have flying. It will totally change the game. Speed and Ease in every facet will sky-rocket. We deserve it and we’ve earned it. If we measure by our time investments, we’ll be able to double our rewards (questing, emissary, gathering, treasures, etc.) once we can fly. Double, if not triple.

6 thoughts on “Reasonably Rewarded

  1. I won’t have flying any time soon. It will take me a great deal of time to get the rep, and I doubt I will get all the invasions any time soon. Apparently the token you get to summon an invasion lasts for 15 minutes.


  2. I goofed and turned in the dungeon quest without waiting for DMF.

    I helped kill a 353 million health boss and got the token to summon. I went to do it a few days later and it was gone. Getting those 4 invasions may be tough for me. And honestly, I am very tired of doing quests over and over to get rep. I wish the would bring back the Cata tabbards. At least with those you could run many different dungeons and earn rep.

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  3. I may not get Legion flying this expansion. I greatly dislike the forced gameplay aspect to unlock flying, especially anything that requires grinding. Actually, I’d much rather grind gold however I want and then pay for flying.

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